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---------- Chapter 6 -----------

It had been 2 months since Shion had come to Konoha . The village was 80 % rebuilt , Hinata was showing great progress on her pregnancy and Shion was carrying a child now too . When Naruto heard the news , he fainted , realising that he would be father of two children .

At the moment , Naruto was at training ground no.13 , practising with his sage mode , trying to push the limit of the time he could use sage mode . He had 2 clones created which were on the side of the training field , while he was making Rasenshurikens and throwing them at trees . His limit was 3 per transformation , then he had to transform again in sage mode to create three more . He just threw his 3 Rasenshuriken for this transformation , causing it to wear off . He was about to transform again when a shinobi landed behind him .

"If you continue to train like this , there won't be a field to train anymore ." Said Kakashi .
"This is the farest from the village I could find so that I could not hurt anybody . So what brings you here , sensei?" Said Naruto turning to face him .
"I just came to tell you that Tsunade called for you . And I am leaving for a 2 month mission too , so be nice ." Said Kakashi smiling with his one eye .
"You know that I am not 5 year old about to be babysit . Any idea what she might want to talk to me about ?" Said Naruto as Kakashi just shook his head.
"Anyway I am leaving now . See you in about 2 months." Said Kakashi as he disappeared in leaves .

With Kakashi gone , Naruto dispelled his clones , and left the training field to meet Tsunade . He shortly arrived there and entered her office to notice Tsunade with Shizune and another unknown Kunoichi to him .

"I see that Kakashi notified you ." Said Tsunade .
"I suppose he was for once not late . So what did you call me for ?" Said Naruto .
"Naruto , I want you to meet Samui . She comes from the lightning village ." Said Tsunade pointing to Samui .
"Nice to meet you Samui . I am Naruto Uzumaki . The one who is gonna take this old hag's place someday ." Said Naruto as he noticed a vein appear on Tsunade's forehead and decided to stop .
"Samui , is here as an agreement of piece between our two villages . Raikage has sent us a marriage offer , as a seal to the ending of conflict between our villages . He wants that marriage to be with our own Hero , which happened to be you . You are to get married to Samui with an arranged marriage ." Finished Tsunade .
"Here is my file . You have everything about me on it . " said Samui handing Naruro the file .

Taking the file in his hands , Naruro surprised everyone as he tore it apart without even taking a look at it . This caused Samui to gasp on surprise while Tsunade was about to jump and kill him if it wasn't for Shizune to stop her .

"If I am to marry you , even if it is arranged , I want to know the person I am marrying and a pile of letters with info won't make me know you . " said Naruto .
"So what do you suppose then oh smart sage ." Said Tsunade as she was still angry and wanted to beat some sense into him .
"If she agrees , I want to take her to a date tonight . That will help me know her better . " said Naruto as he looked at Samui for an answer .
"I agree . Tonight at 8 should be fine ." Said Samui as Naruto nodded .
"I guess that settles it . Now off from my office before I sent you in coma . I am still angry with you ." Said Tsunade as Naruto didn't need to be told twice as he left .

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