Chapter 7

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AN: Hey guys before i start this chapter this part will have nothing to do with the manga books or episodes because I said so. So yeah.


A few weeks later

Lucy's POV:
So far Erza and i have been dating for about 2 and a half weeks now. I think that we will work out as a couple.
People dont know it but she can be a real cutie pie.

"Hey Luce wanna go on a mission" a voice said that snapped me out of my thoughts."Oh sure Natsu. Lets go on a mission."

"Woah Luce i dont think you have ever been this excited before."

"I kinda have overdue rent to pay. And the fact that the landlord is getting fussy isn't helping." i sighed.

We walk over to mission board and see a mission to capture this wizard who has been running around town.
It sounded quite easy so i went to get Erza.

I walked over to Erza and saw her eating cake as usual. This time I wanted to be a little cute. I walk over to her and cover her eyes with my hand.

"Guess who it is" I said cheekily.

"Is it wendy? If it is can you stop covering my eyes i wanna finish my cake?"

I stare at her with an are you serious face.
"No guess again"

"Are you Mira?" Mira jumps from behind the bar.

"I'm over here!" Mira screams

I pout and slowly walk away sadly. Then a hand grabs my wrist and turns me around. I look and see Erza with a serious face. Honestly i was kind of scared. (her face is the pic below)

"I'm just messing with you babe

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"I'm just messing with you babe. You know i love you, i could recognize that voice anywhere." She giggles cutely.

I laughed nervously "Y-yeah. YOU BETTER KNOW WHO I AM" I say in a more confident tone.

Erza spun me around and pulled me into her lap cuddling into my neck. She's so cute. I thought to myself.

Natsu's POV:

" What's up with Erza and Lucy?" i ask Gray

"How should I know? I think they Lucy promised her a lifetime of cake." Gray responds chuckling at his own joke.

i just look him plainly. His joke wasn't that funny at all. It was pretty boring. (Got that author. You suck at jokes.) I walk over to Erza and Lucy. I tap Lucy's shoulder and Erza hisses at me.

Quickly i run back to Gray and turn all white. I push Gray towards them

Erza's Pov:

"Erza baby Natsu asked if you wanted to go a mission with the team" Lucy whispers into my ears.

"Okay baby, but you will cuddle me when we go back home."

We get up and walk over to Gray, Natsu and Wendy.

*SKIP TRAIN RIDE* (Sorry i'm lazy)

We finally reached the village Lucy and I walked behind everybody secretly holding hands.

When we finally get to the mayor's house. He said that lately he has noticed that many people have been missing.

The team walked around the village looking for clues when suddenly there was a high pitched scream.

A man wearing a big black holding a woman over his shoulder ran up a mountain. With Natsu's nose we quickly were lead to a cave.

As we walked inside we could see many people tied up. Natsu and Gray quickly ran up to them, but before we could stop them their was an explosion in front of us.

"Stop! Whoever you are." Natsu shouts.

He just laughs at us and continuously send explosives towards us.

"Wendy get the people to safety"

She nods and quickly unties the people and brings them down the mountain.

Lucy's POV:

I was secretly creeping behind this man when he turned around.

"Hehehe..." I chuckled nervously

He pushed me and before i knew it was kissing Natsu. I was blushing feriously. I looked over at Erza and she was furious.

Quickly Erza requipped and in a matter of seconds this man was tied on the ground and all beat up.

Gently i push Natsu and run up to Erza, but she turned away. We walk out after collecting the money.

Boom! sorry cliffhanger. I will update soon so yeah.
Love you guys.


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