Chapter 10: Chara

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Undyne looked at me as if I had just grown a second head, I didn't blame her, it's a very long story.

"Uh.. Can you explain who Chara is?" She asked me, and I nodded as I sat down. They all sat next to me forming a circle, I sighed as I closed my eyes.

"I'm going to assume that you all know the story of the war between Humans and Monsters?" I asked as I look around at them, they all nodded and Undyne frowned.

"Yeah! It just goes to show how evil humans are for putting us down here... Uh sorry Caitlin, some humans." Undyne said, and I waved her off saying it was alright. "Do you know why it was started in the first place?" I asked them, they shook their heads.

"I do, because my- father, told me the story. One day, a child fell down into the underground, named Chara. They said that she was found by the prince of monsters, and they took her in. When the two children to the underground got injured, Chara was killed and her soul was absorbed by the prince. He returned her to the village she was from, the village blamed the monsters and war broke out." I whispered telling them, they looked at me eyes wide.

"She returned as a demon, tormenting Frisk trying to take control. I gave her necklace to help keep Chara from taking over, but the necklace broke off before she came down into the ruins. That is why she is killing every monster, because Chara is in control. Not her." I added on to them, I pushed myself off the ground.

"Let's get going before Chara can get her hands on any other monsters." I didn't let them talk, and I looked down at them.

"I know where she's heading next," sans said as he stood back up standing next to me, "She is after Asgore." He told me, and I nodded.

"Let's get going, we cannot have another victim to her violence." I said. We headed to Asgore.

As I walk beside my friends, I am filled with hope.

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