7.11. Love and Betrayal

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Chapter # 7.11 Love and Betrayal

Shehry's POV

Sala pehley manta nai tha

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Sala pehley manta nai tha. ub mana hea to kaali he per gai hea janab ko. 

Armaana vich sailaab.b... nai nai sailaab nai, tsunami 

I was the driver for last few days since Mom had started all that Hussain ka nikah hea kitna kuch lena hea wali tabahi wali shopping.

Haya's gaze aimlessly going through the jewelry in the showcase and her fingers trailing over the cold glass lid. She silently kept observing all that while Mom and Salma aunty were busy looking at the dresses and other stuff.

She picked up something from the stand, holding it close to her face she looked at it and then kept it over her head; coming down to her forehead. It was dull silver with black stones carved in it and a little black gem dangling over her left eyebrow as she looked herself in the mirror.

She was so busy in herself that couldn't realize I was watching her all that time...and she was looking cute for no reason.

"Banderiya!" I remarked loud as she was watching herself in the mirror and her gaze shifted up with that the jhoomar slipped from her grip and came crashing on the floor.

"you have least manners Shehry! honestly" she glared at me red faced and was about to bend down but I beat her to that and picked it up.

"A queen never bends down for picking anything" I softly smiled still holding the jhoomar in my hand and she faked a smile.

"Queen? But how comes a banderiya be a queen?" she asked faking a smile, I took a step forward.

"Monkey ki queen to banderiya he hoti hea na" I innocently stated and she rolled her eyes trying to snatch the jewelry when I pulled my hand back and she pouted with a frown.

"de do nai to bulati hoon Shaista Aunty ko" she threatened me and I quickly gave the jhoomar to her, pretending horrified.

"you should buy it. It was good" I suggested as she placed it back.

"I didn't like it" with that she walked towards Mom and Salma aunty and I looked down at the beautiful jhoomar.


I swear these women misinterpret the saying, "the more the charity the greater the happiness" they just keep on spending on themselves as in charity; dresses, make up, jewelry, shoes, bags and REPEAT

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