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Your parents are out of town and all your siblings are out, so your at home by yourself. You get a text from your boyfriend Devin:
Devin: Hey bæ 👅
Y/n : hi baby , imy 😢
Devin : imy2 can i come over?
y/n : yeahhh, sure !
In a heartbeat you hear the doorbell ring. 'How?' You think.
You flew open the door and jump on him
' Deviiiiiiii!'
' hey princess.' He says while kissing you on the lips with small pecks.
'You wanna watch a movie?' You ask innocently
'Sure, anything for you baby'
'Yesss' you think, you had something up your sleeve. 15 minutes into the movie you get up to get snack and you accidently drop the pillow and while you pick it up you wave your butt in the air, and you hear Devin curse something under his breath.
'Yeahh, baby?' You ask innocently
'Ohhh... nothing.'
You go into the kitchen and on purpose reach for something you can't.
'Devvvvvv' you whine
'Can you come here and get this for me? '☺
He comes over not really paying attention to yo and presses his body agianst yours to grab it. You then lean over the counter a little.
'Dammit y/n, what are you trying to do to me?'
'Nothing, what do you mean?' ( JB Voice)
'You know what im talkin about y/n, dont play stupid!'
After he said that you started to ignore him.
'Y/n , what did i sayyyyyy?' He pleads.
No answer.

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