Chapter 10: Etsuko

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He.   Fell.   For.   It.


Everything was going the way you planned. They were working themselves. Some go slightly awry. But there’s always this – Backup plan.


And now you got Imayoshi. Next?


“How bout this cutie pie. He’ll be good to play with.”


An evil grin migrated onto your lips as you threw the dart.


With a small swoosh, the dart landed with a small clack which ricocheted off the walls. Under the sharp point of the dart was a photo of someone.


Sakurai Ryo.


Your eyes landed on your phone. On the screen were: Infinite data, Probabilities, Math, and Information.


Information on all the basketball club members, everyone Daiki had ever associated with and classmates. Probabilties on losing and winning, factors and emotional math. You had everything worked out.


If Imayoshi thought you were clueless on what you were doing, he bought your act. If he thinks he’s smart, and that you were nothing but a bundle of revenge-thirsty trash, he was wrong. For all the intelligence and act he puts up, he was right under your fingers just within the time span of one… day...


“Game had already begun.”


The small light from the study lamp sliced through the darkness, landing on the chessboard. 16 chess pieces of white and 16 of black stood still. The silence of the dark room was deafening, the air was heavy. Your [e/c] eyes glinted in the dark.


You stared at the chess board in front of you. “And I don’t lose.”



It was the second day of school, and everyone still had this ‘first days of school’ mood. Some were chattering with a dozen smiles, some reading, some sleeping and some running. It’s kinda strange he hasn’t showed –


“OHAIYO~” came a voice from behind


You should have known. -.- Without turning to look around, you took off, leaving a huge cloud of dust behind you.


“W-wait” Imayoshi called but you were not about to stop. Anything to get away from that-


“Oh hoh. So you thought you could outrun a basketball player.” came a voice from – BESIDE YOU?!


On your left was Imayoshi, jogging up as he smiles his obnoxious smile once again. BUT WHY!


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