Chapter 16 (Part 1): The Heavy Burden (M)

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It was a rather dark day at Greenbus Academy. Grey clouds were rolling in, engulfing the blue sky and stoping whatever chance the sun had of reaching the surface. While the outside brought warnings of rain and wind...the inside was just as gloomy. The entire academy was in mild shock and fear at the state of events which had transpired.

The event in question was the Bio-duelling tournament. The tournament is a series of bouts between fighters who bring strength, cunning, courage, tactics and sometimes a bit of luck. In these tournaments fighters enjoy the adrenaline of the bouts, the roar of the crowds and support from fans. But for this particular did nothing of the sort.

The roar of the crowds...was replaced by screams of fear. The adrenaline which allowed one to enjoy the fight...was instead just to survive and Saku who once brimmed with kindness, strength of heart and a little bit of spunk...was subject to a terrifying power. A power which has left him broken and frail...with his life...left in uncertainty

Saku, in grey pyjamas, was in his bed at his dorm room resting. Mentally Saku was now broken, plagued by fear and regret and physically...he wasn't much better. His battle and broken will and left him in a weak and somewhat frail state, the others leaving him alone to rest and hopefully gather some much needed strength.

Sophie, Anastasia and Marina were waiting in Aries' room. Sophie and Anastasia were sat on chairs, Marina was leaning against a wall and Mochi was asleep next to Aries. Aries was in a long light green dressing gown. Marina was looking at her phone and sighed "still no sign of her" Marina put her phone away "Jessamine has gone missing. Jessamine hasn't been seen since we all vacated the crowd from the stadium"

"I'm pretty sure she's alright" said Sophie hopefully "I mean she can take care of yourself"

"'re right" said Marina agreeing with her "so...we're just waiting for..." the door then opened to show Aureline and Mia coming in.

Anastasia stood up " are they?" Mia and Aureline looked between each other "well?" Mia started

"Lexi's injuries aren't that bad. She only has bruising and a cracked rib. Lexi will be fine in a day or two"

"I'm fine now!" they all turned to see Lexi, holding her chest, leaning on the doorway "I'll be fine! Anyway it's only fair I help explain...recent events.'s little bro?" they all turned to Aureline who had depressed look

"Saku is in...bad condition" said Aureline but most of the girls knew this already "physically his body is tired and weak. Saku is also showing no signs of getting better either"

Marina looked quite ashamed as she rubbed her head "this the one time...I wanted to be wrong. All right everyone get comfortable...we could be here a while" Lexi sat on the bed and Mia and Aureline leaned against the walls "ok well...where to start is the difficult part. So I'll do a short summary of the origin of Saku's whole affair. About ten years ago at a Stritos estate, an incident had burnt the entire house to the ground but the Stritos' buried the whole thing, not letting a single thing go public" this brought up a question

"But...why would they do that?" asked Sophie "I sounds like they were trying to hide something" Sophie then looked at Aries who looked ashamed

"so wait" said Anastasia "Your was..." as Marina nodded Saku was looking round his room.

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