Part Five/ Epilogue

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Five years later

"We are home!" Ayush and Ayusha announced excitedly as they ran towards Madhu's open arms with RK walking behind them with their bags.

"How was your camp?" Madhu asks them as she hugged them happily.

"It was the best." Ayusha tells her.

They both had gone for a two week vacation camp which taught various skills.

"We want to go again next year." Ayush tells her excitedly.

At night, Madhu was getting ready for bed when RK walks into the room.

"Did they sleep?" Madhu asks him as she fluffed the pillows.


"They have turned the house upside down in just three hours." Madhu tells him smiling as she got on the bed.

"Yes." RK says smiling as he got on the bed next to her. "It was so silent without them."

"I was thinking, Madhu." RK says as he moved to her excitedly.


"They have grown up... I miss their kiddie stage."

"Even I miss that... but children have to grow up right?" Madhu asks him smiling.

"Yes... so I was thinking, maybe we should have another baby?" RK excitedly asks her.

Madhu's smile drops hearing his question and she irately slaps him.

"What?" RK asks her as he rubbed his cheek.

"Kid? You haven't married me and you want another kid?" Madhu asks him furiously.

"You said you didn't want to marry me."

"That was two years ago! Before I finished my studies and got a job."

"I thought you didn't..."

"Because you never bothered to ask again." Madhu tells him furiously.

"You should have told me."

"Now, it is my fault?" Madhu asks him furiously.

"Yes... er... no..." RK replies confused while Madhu furiously glared at him.

"You trust me?" RK asks her worriedly.

"Of course I do!"

"THEN MARRY ME, you idiot!" RK tells her as he happily pulled her towards him.

"Is that how you propose?" Madhu asks him outraged.

"Yeah... that is how I propose... because I have asked you more than enough times to marry me!"

Madhu furiously glares at him, wanting to hit him and hug him at the same time.

"And let's get married. And also another baby?" RK asks her excitedly.

Another baby? It would be nice. Madhu thought.

Seeing her smile, RK laughs and hugs her happily. "I LOVE YOU, BABY!"

Next day morning, RK and Madhu calls their kids for a family talk.

"Ayush, come quickly?" Ayusha shouts out to her brother in the kitchen.

"Coming. Two minutes." Ayush replies.

When RK and Madhu had asked the kids to come for a talk, Ayush had run off to the kitchen to finish something that he has been doing since morning.

"What is it about?" Ayush asks from the kitchen.

"You come out, then we will talk." RK tells him.

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