Chapter Ten

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Cara's POV
I woke up because of laughter and lots of noise so I decided to go downstairs. On my way down, I noticed a guy with black hair sitting on the couch and went back up to the room. Cameron was still sleeping and I just played on my iPad until he wakes up. I still can't believe he thinks he is a bad parent, to me he is the best one I could ask for. After a while, I got an idea to post a picture of him sleeping on Instagram. I was being all sneaky but when I finished posting it, his notifications on his phone went off. I laughed and quickly grabbed his phone as he groaned and sat upright. "Good morninggggg!" He yelled while tackling me in kisses. "Okay, okay I'll give you your phone! Just stop!" I said and threw it to him. He laughed as he went through the notifications, but stopped and glared at me when he saw the picture. I started to run when he chased me, but he caught up easily and threw me over his shoulder. We were both laughing as I hit his back and we walked downstairs. He put me down when we reached the bottom and he held my hand as we walked into the kitchen. "Hi Bart, how are you?" Cameron said and bro hugged the man from earlier. "Good, and is this Cara?" He asked bending down infront of me. "Hi", I quickly said with a wave. He laughed and stood up before saying,"Are you excited for the tour?" I just shrugged and Cameron gave me a confused look. "We'll be back, we just need to pack everything", Cameron said before dragging me out the door. When we got in the elevator, he asked me,"Are you shy of him or did something happen because you were so excited yesterday?" I just let out a breath and replied,"It's just everyone isn't gonna be there and I'll miss them. And I'm gonna miss playing with Nash's long hair, or Andrea and me making jokes, or Shawn playing his guitar and singing, or-". He cut me off and said," When we get back you can still do all those things, okay?" I just huffed and nodded my head. "Hey cheer up, it's gonna be so much fun", he continued while tickling me. I was trying so hard to keep a straight face and he finally stopped. "Imagine all the musical.lys you'll get to make with everyone, and the Vines, all the fans, everything will be fine Cara", he whispered to me. We walked out of the elevator and he held my hand as we went out the building. Right when the doors opened, screaming fans filled the place and I couldn't hear anything. We got in the car and just stared at each other with startled looks while Cameron pulled out his phone to warn everyone in the hotel about the fans. Cameron went in the drive thru of Starbucks and got us both Caramel Frappes with a cake pops. I called Andrea to come over as we went home and when we got there, she was waiting already. We both rushed into the house to my room and she helped me pack everything. "I have an idea. Let's annoy Cameron with his son-", before she could finish I yelled,"Let's do it!". I turned on my iTunes and we both sung it until I noticed something. When I turned around, Cameron was smiling and recording the whole thing. I quickly chased after him but it was too late. He posted it on Vine. "I guess your plan backfired", he said with a smirk before getting tackled by Jaxx. I started to laugh at how he was struggling and Sierra came up beside me. "I should have gave you a key to my house", he glared at Sierra before hugging Gina. You could still here 'She Bad' playing upstairs and Andrea walked downstairs singing it loud. She stopped when she saw al, of us staring at her and we all were laughing by now. The door busted open and everyone in Magcon came in while yelling at each other. Me and Cameron looked at each other a little confused when Jacob yelled," You guys were taking too long so we brought the meeting to you. I guess somehow Mahogany heard the song from my room because she started singing really loud, followed by everyone else. By now, me and Andrea were laughing really hard and Cameron just glared at us before turning it off. "Okay everyone listen up. We leave for Magcon tonight because it'll take a while to get set up. I hope you al, packed your bags because here we come Houston!" He shouted the last part. Me and Andrea spent the rest of the day planning when we will FaceTime and stuff like that. After her talking about the video of Kian getting his eyebrows shaved off, we put all the luggage inside of the car and made our way to the airport. Cameron had to literally pull me off of Andrea so we don't miss our flight and we boarded. Jacob sat beside Daniel, Aaron sat beside Taylor and Carter, and I sat beside Cameron. I was listening to my playlist on shuffle as the plane took off and I fell asleep on Cameron's shoulder. Honestly if you asked me 3 months ago, I would have never guessed is be here.
*4 hours later*
Cameron's POV
We just landed and I woke up Cara before grabbing our bags. Aaron had to carry her because she was sleeping. Everyone was drained of energy so we just fell asleep as soon as we got to the hotel. It was 12:00 anyways and we had to wake up early tomorrow.

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