Chapter 10

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I ran. I ran as fast as I could. The road seemed endless with only fields on the sides. The only light I had was the shining moon above. I ran for around thirty minutes but the road never ended. I could see buildings on the far sides but they were too far. I stopped for a rest for the sixth time when I saw a small town ahead. I ran towards it hoping to be saved but I fainted and fell.

I woke up in a strange room, laying on a bed. There wasn't much light but there was enough to see it was day already. I panicked, thinking I was on Kaneki's grasp again so I rushed out of bed but immediately fell on the floor.. The door opened. I looked up to see a red haired boy with green eyes and a black t shirt. He was cute. "Who are you?" I asked. "Yamaguchi. Kazuka Yamaguchi. I found you fainted in front of my house so I took you in and laid you in bed. Do you wanna go to a hospital? Want happend to you?" He asked. " Nothing, and I'm fine, I was just exhausted." I said. "Where you running from someone?" He asked. I noticed he was blushing like hell. I look down to see I still had the pink panties and now a dirty ripped t-shirt. I covered myself. "Nevermind." I blushed. "My name is Tomoe. Thanks for helping me." I said as I stood up. "Here. You can wear these." He threw some clothes at me. "Thanks. Do you... Mind if I stay here for a couple of days?" I asked. "You can's alright." He smiled.

And so it was. I had nowhere to go and so I stayed there for two weeks. I never told him my story but still we became best friends. He was a nice guy that worked in a bakery in that town. I stayed low and helped with the housework while he worked. However there was something weird about him. He constantly asked me if I was in trouble with the police which I would say the truth and answered no. Every scary movie he hided behind me and everything scary he screamed. I thought that it was cute but there was something bothering me.

"Today was fun right?" He asked. "Yeah." He convinced me to go for a walk with him. The town had a small river that was beautiful at night. We made a turn on a corner when suddenly a ghoul just rushed through us and grabbed our necks. The sight of the glowing red and black eyes made me almost faint. I stayed still however, Kazuka couldn't stop screaming. "Please, let me go, please!" He threw us towards the wall. I slowly stood up but Kazuka stood still laid on the floor looking at the ghoul. "Just eat her, leave me alone!" He screamed. I stood still looking at him in shock. He would just leave me? The ghoul laughed and was about to bite me when a pair of familiar red tentacles pierced through the ghoul's chest and he fell on his face dead. "I told you didn't I?" Kaneki said. Kaneki. Of course it would be him. His red and black eye was glowing in contrast to his snow white hair. "Aaaaahhhh eat her, leave me alone!" I heard Kazuka scream from behind. I smiled. Kaneki was always there. Always saving me. Always taking care of me. No matter what it takes. Unlike Kazuka. I started crying and hugged him. " I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I understood. You're the one that takes care of me. If only I understood that sooner I wouldn't had ran away." I said in his chest. "It's alright Tomoe Chan. We're together now!" He said , petting my head. "Tomoe?" Kazuka asked. I looked at him with anger in my eyes. "Coward!" Was all I could say to him and went back to hugging Kaneki. " You and I have some things to fix!" Kaneki said to Kazuka. "How dare you try to corrupt my sweet Tomoe Chan!" He screamed in anger to Kazuka. I could feel Kazuka shaking from where I was. " I did nothing..." He tried to say. "SHUT UP!" Kaneki yelled. His tentacles spread again. I tugged on his shirt. "I'm hungry." "True, me too. He will do just right." He said. I nodded. Kazuka tried to run away but his leg was pierced with Kaneki's kagune. Soon, it was his head, as he screamed. Kaneki grabbed his leg and carried him on his shoulder. "Wanna go back home?" He asked me. I nodded. He hold my hand and started walked. I followed suit. "Those are definitely not Kawai clothes for you." He said. "I know." "Glad I still have some Kawai clothes for you to wear Tomoe Chan! Those pink shorts are going to look great on you!" He smiled. We left town and keep walking down the field road, leavind a trail of red blood behind us...

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