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Pen Your Pride

The girl who gave me her extra lock is no where to be found when I return to the locker room so I just put the lock back on the handle and if she doesn't claim it back tomorrow then I will continue to use it.

When I finish collecting my things, I meet Harry back in the hall. He is leaning against the wall with one foot perched on the wall behind him.

"If you would have taken any longer I would have came in there." He threatens.

"You should have, you wouldn't have been the only guy in there." I lie and watch as his features change.

I turn away from him, taking a few steps before he grabs onto my arm and spins me back around to face him.

"What did you just say?" His eyes lower.

"Teasing." I smirk and he huffs and lets go of my arm.

"I think you have done enough of that today."

"Maybe." I smile.

"You are something else today." He shakes his head.

"The yoga relaxed me and cleansed my aura." I laugh.

"Not mine." He reminds me as we walk outside.

"What do you want for dinner?" I ask Harry when we reach the car.

The first day of the new semester went very well, even yoga which ended up being amusing. Amusing is not my usual preference when it comes to academics but having Harry there was nice. My religion class may be a problem because of the lack of structure but I am going to try not to focus on that right now because it will drive me insane.

"I don't know, I have some work to do for a few hours but I will be finished by dinner time." Harry replies.

"Okay, I will come up with something." I tell him.

"That hockey game is tomorrow right?" He asks.

"Yes, you are still going aren't you?"

"I don't know.."

"I need to know because if you flake then I am going to go with him." I respond.

Liam would probably much rather I go with him but the two of them could use some bonding time together. I know they will never be friends.. or brothers but Harry doesn't really have any friends and Liam is my best friend who just so happens to be Harry's step brother so it would help tremendously if they got along better.

"I am going." He sighs and climbs into the car.

"Thank you." I smile and he rolls his eyes.

The leather seats are freezing and my yoga pants are paper thin, maybe I should have put the dress back on. My body shakes and shivers, drawing Harry's attention. He turns the heat to its maximum setting and pulls out of the parking lot.

"So what P.E class do you want to take?" I ask him.

"I don't know, I will tell you after I see what the options are. What would you like to take?"

"Yoga." I reply.

"Besides yoga."

"I don't know.. I am not very athletic. At all."

"Neither am I." He moves his hand from the gear shift and places it on my thigh.

"Tennis?" I suggest.


"Areboics?" I smile.

"Hell no."

"Then you choose and I will try to go with it." I say.

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