Thirty Three: Her Hidden Idée Fixe

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A/N :(For Those Who dont understand the opening of the story) The Skarline and Zayn section is for you guys to see how Zayn met Skarline and to know why Zayn fell inlove with her and how Skarline was as a person. This is nobody's thoughts ..its kinda like a short ongoing story..okay ..uhh..back to the story

Thirty Three: Her Hidden Idée Fixe

As planned Skylarline has been Zayn's psychologist for a few good months. For Zayn this was new to him. He's never allowed anyone this close to him before, Following his every moves, someone who was always there for him. Heck, she wasn't even a real psychologist ! But she was driving him crazy and I mean that metaphorically. At first, He hated it.. He was always annoyed when she came round and checking if he was still studying at the university or sending his assignments early. She made sure that he was up to check with his bill and didn't threaten anybody about the bill. She tried to make him much more social and whenever she was invited to an event she made sure she brought him along to them and they've some how worked. It was mind boggling that this girl He never knew before some how came into his life and was able to do this to him. Make him feel these type of feelings and express them . He gradually started to enjoy her prescence and smiled alot , especially when she was around. He looked forward when she came over , He was much more opened to her than before when he'd reply rudely . It was almost as if..he was developping real feelings for her.. genuine emotional feelings towards her. He tried to not let him emotions get the btter of him by trying to submerge them in, forbidding himself to feel this type of way with her but he couldn't help himself especially with her personality. He could not help that he was pratically falling for her. But...that unfortnate But.. He knew he could never have her even if he wanted her. He knew she'd would never want to be with him after he truly opened up to her. She would fear him like the rest of them. And Zayn didnt want that.

He got a phone call from Skarline saying that she was going to run late . He didn't mind that. He sat on the couch flicking through any good shows that they could watch together. Zayn started to think about Skarline, He thought deeply about her long beautiful nearly ice coloured resembled hair which cascaded down to her forearms. Her faded pink cupid's bow lips thats looked so perfect in Zayn's mind, He he had a carnal desire to brush his lips agaisnts hers. He wanted to feel her warmth and hands wandering his body while he explored the beauty and the magic of hers.

"Cool it " He muttered to himself not realising how excited he was getting. He sighed. Thats what she did to him..Every Time.

He checked his watch . 10:24pm

Where was she ?

Zayn looked at his hands, Downhearted that Skarline was not here. He thought of countless of reasons why she wasnt here. His mind then started to wonder what if she had a lover ? Zayn cursed under his breath for being foolish. Of course Skarline would have a lover. She was so beautiful and majestic it would be imposssible for her to be single . He already decided that he has been stood up be Skarline and her unamed lover, It was not his place to be angry. It's not like they meant anything to each other.

"She's just helping me out" He repeated to himself. He stood up and walked out of his small flat at the campus. He didnt know where he was going but he sure didnt want to stay at that house all by himself.

He touched his chest. Why was he feeling this way ? It was a new feeling but this type of feeling was a sense of discomfort , anger and jealousy all in one. It was the opposite of love : Heart break. Zayn inhaled the frosty air and exhaled . He had the urge to smoke but left his remaining tobacco at home. He continued to walk down an unknown street till he saw a couple. a man and a women to be discreet. They looked as if they were hugging and sharing a warm embrace.

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