chapter 3 the flaming lion cub and a Tuna. introductions too.

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Well, sorry for this late update but I was reading a story. It is called: clieo( did I spell it wrong?), the home tutor. Anyway, I kinda like the story and hoping it would continue to the end. Anyway, Story Start.but first, clues!
"Sadistic side speaking"(for those who read my other story, you'll know what is happening)

Chapter 3

The Tuna's pov (tsuna)

Well, it was nice to jump around with the Arcobaleno, my friends and my lion cub. You heard me. A lion cub is with me. But this is no ordinary lion cub. It wears amour and have flaming mane. It is called Na-tsu (Na-tsu. Tsuna. Get it?). "Reborn, I remember that you also told me something about training my past younger brother as the volonga 10th, right?" I asked reborn, who was still running. "Of course Tuna. He also said something about you coming along to do it to." 'Well this would be fun' I thought, smirking on the outside. Everyone who saw that smirk shivered. Those who have not seen it would be curious. You heard me. That's my sadistic side.

"Gao!" Na-tsu said, causing me to look at him. "Sorry na-tsu, for going into my sadistic mode again."

"Gao! Gao Gao!" Na-tsu said again. "Oh! You want to join me in totur-tutoring him? Sure!" I said, smiling. Those who heard it caught the word, toture, so they sweatdroped.' He is spending way to much time with sadists.'

The next day... at Ieyasu's house...

Third pov

Reborn left to put a flyer into the household's mailbox and jumped back into the tree. Do you know what is written on it?
| Do you need a tutor? |
| Call XxxxXxxx for one |
| |
|Only needs a place to stay, food and| |water | | |

Well, that was what was written on it. After that, Nana appeared, going to take the mails for the day. She saw the paper and she read it. After that, she called Reborn.
6.55 am...

Third pov

A boy with blue eyes and bone hair woke up and saw his alarm clock is at 7.45 am. "Hieeeee! I'm late!" He yelled, running out of the house. But before that, he yelled a "goodbye" before running out. When he reached school, he was late. Alude, Hibari's brother elder brother, was already standing there with his handcuffs ready. He said a sentence that everyone knew that if he says it, your dead." I will bite you to death." Alude said before he lunged at him. Everyone can hear screams of pain and everyone thought of the same thing' good thing that I came on time.unlike Ieyasu.'

When the boy, now identified as Ieyasu, came into class, his fangirls are cooing for him, asking if he is okey and whatnot. He walked to his friends sitting in their seats." Well Gitto, you got bit to death by Alude." G said. G is the elder brother of bianchi and Hayato. " well, at least you are alive." Asari said. Asari is the elder brother of yamamoto takeshi, the baseball star. He is in this class too. Nesu-sensei came in class, everyone went to their seats and Nesu-sensei starts the lesson." Class, today we have 3 new students. They have skipped a class to this class. Please introduce yourselves. That was when the door opened. A brunette with two other students with pineapple-like hair came with him. Most eyes are on the brunette. The girl started first. 'God, she's cute' the boys thought. "My name is Chrome Dukuro. Nice to meet you!😶" She said, bowing too. The other pineapple also started introducing himself. "Kufufufu, my name is Rudoko Muroko. Nice to meet you😏" when he finished, all the girls except kyoko and Hana had heart eyes. Finally, the brunette stepped forward. " Hi! My name is Clieo Tsunayoshi! Nice to meet you!please call me Tsuna!😇 " He said, smiling, which made the boys blush and the girls scream "KAYAYAYAAYAYYAAA!" Which made them check if their eardrums are still working. 'Why is the Rukudo sibilings and the holder of the sky Arcobaleno here??" G thought. Suddenly the door banged open . Standing there was Hibari kyoya. " for disturbing the peace of naromoni, I'll... Bunny?" Hibari said, causing them to have confused looks.'who is bunny?' They thought. " Kyoya? Is that you?" Tsuna asked, causing the students to be worried for the new student. Hibari walked towards him and hugged him and kept repeating the sentence" I'm sorry bunny for not being able to stop them from taking you away. You do not know how sorry I am...." everyone's jaw dropped as they looked at what is happening. " it's ok kyoya. It's the past.😁" He said smiling at Hibari. The shocking thing that he smiled too. "Thank you, bunny. Or should I say omivore." After that, the class started with Hibari beside Tsuna the whole time, sticking with him where ever he goes, causing a certain pineapple head to be jealous. Well, Hibari wanted to catch up with him and talk about the old times after all.

Well, that's the end for this episode! Hope you enjoy and I will not be posting for a few days. Please understand that I have tests coming up soon.
~signing off, Raineell 😁

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