Chapter 1

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"Ugh great! Now after this tiresome fighting I'll have to go and get food and groceries. Am I not the most luckiest person alive?" I mutter sarcastically when I see the empty cabinet of what was supposed to be filled with food and grocery stuff.

I'm Samantha Collins, 17 years old and utterly tired and frustrated right now. Well,you cant blame me. I just came home from my self defense class. Well yes, that was something I always wanted to do. Defend myself. And I hate how I'm tired and hungry right now and will have to go the way and getting groceries from the store. But guess what? My luck totally loves me! (Yeah please note the sarcasm). And it has decided to make me move my tired ass all the way to the supermarket. I run to my room, grab my black jacket and put it over the simple white top I'm wearing paired with my favorite red pair of jeggings.

I make sure to take the home keys and dash out the front door because I'm super hungry. I leave the house but not before checking the last door in our small hallway. I peep inside, see her sleeping peacefully. I stare at her for about 10 seconds, sigh and then leave. I get into my car and start my drive to the supermarket. My mind drifts to everything happening in my present and everything that happened in my past.

I remember the happy times. A loving father and a caring mother-I couldn't ask for more. But then things slowly started getting out of place. My life which was a perfect daydream started to turn in to the worst nightmare I could ever imagine. It all started with that accident. Mumma and Papa's car crashed with a huge truck. Damages and damages.

After the accident mumma suffered physical damage but for Papa, it was as if he lost his sanity. I don't know what happened. They were in the hospital for days. The doctors used to run here and there. And for days I used to cry. The only comfort I had at that time was my Uncle Jason and my 2 year old boyfriend Chase. They were there with me day and night. Finally Papa was given discharge. But he wasn't my Pa anymore. He had changed. The liveliness had gone from him totally. His face looked pale and sick as if someone had pointed a gun on his head. I couldn't understand at first but things started to make sense the moment I heard the doctors saying

"Mrs.Collins is in coma, Miss. And there are hardly any chances of her reviving back."

The world felt silent. Everything went blank. My first instinct was to run from there screaming like a mad person. But I was raised up better than that. It was my mother who taught me to be strong always. No matter what. I cried and yes I cried a lot.

Days later my mumma was shifted back at our home with the ventilator attached. I was depressed just like Pa. But I had to revive. I had to get control over my emotions. Had to be the one who comforted my father. Because more than me, he had lost his one and only love. So I had to be strong for him. And so I did just that. I became cheerful and started acting as if everything was normal. Though it took months but I finally did it.

As I halt at the signal, I snap out my daze. 'No Sam now is not the time for this. You are hungry remember?'. I drive my way without any further disturbing thoughts about my past and reach the supermarket.

I carefully park my car (Yeah I still suck at that). Getting out I start walking towards the store. I'm about to cross the path and enter when suddenly I see a black car speeding towards me. Thanks to my quick wit I leap to the nearest foot path which saves me from dying hungry. I turn quickly aiming to glare and curse the person who almost killed me but all I see is a side face..Nah..Scratch that.. A handsome and utterly angelic side face of a guy. Brown hair and an amazing jawline was all I could make out. As he takes a turn I snap out of my daze and hit myself mentally for drooling over a person who killed me. Well almost but thats not the point right. He was way too fast and did he not have a horn?! He didn't even apologize! In fact he didn't even....Grr.. Luckily this time my stomach reminds me that I'm here for food and not discussing a stranger who is nowhere to be seen now.

I quickly hurry into the store and immediately start basking every wonderful thing I find. Gummy bears. Canned stuff. And a heck lot of groceries for the week. When I feel I have enough food to last me for centuries I make my way to the counter and pay for the heaven that I just bought!

I get back into my car. I load all the food and groceries in the back seat and start my way back home. My mind couldn't help but wander back at the guy in the car. He was so devilishly handsome. I kick myself mentally for drooling over a person who could have killed me. But I have to admit, he was really handsome. I close my eyes and shake my head furiously in an attempt to ward of the mysterious guy's side face image from my not-so-sane-right-now brain. As it is, its not like I'm gonna meet him again right?

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