She's Not Yours *Chapter 9*

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It was a little big... For girl's clothes. Maybe it's her father's?, I thought while I wearing it. And it's fit me very well...

"Karma? Are you done?", I heard (Frontname)'s voice from the outside.

"Yes", I ran to her voice on the first floor. 

"Wow... You fit with that outfit very nice, Karma-kun...", she look surprised.

"Of course, this is your dad's", I toss a laughter.

"No, that's mine. My parents give me that cloth because they thought I'll fit with it, but not at all...", she explained.

So that's why I can smell her scent..., my face become hot suddenly.

"Hey! Your face so red! Are you really catch a cold?", her face become so close to my face and then our foreheads met. 

"Ouch! So hot!  Shall I give you a medicine?", she ran into first aid kit and search something.

She looks so serious... It's just because I'm blushing, idiot, I mock her in my mind.

I come near her and place my head on her back while she still reaching the first aid kit. My... no. It was her maybe? Or it was really me? The sound of heartbeat was so loud till my ear who hear it want to explode. Her familiar scent like it was already stuck all over my body and I can't forget it.

"Hey--", I want to call her name but she turn her back.

"Karma-kun, you can drink this medicine after we eat, okay? I prepared omelet rice for you", when I see her face, her face was so beautiful. She's sparkling in my eyes.

"Tsk... I can't resist anymore!", I make my face closest to her and then...

'KRAH!', something above me suddenly feels like bite my lips.

"Ouch! What the hell?!", I get up on a sofa.

"Oh! You're awake... Sorry about my cat... He just kiss you and suddenly your mouth moving, so he bite it ", beside me there's (Frontname). She lift a cat.

"Your... cat?", I confused.

"Yes, this is Misai. Misai, say hell--".

"Forget about that! What just happened last night?", I was so curious. 

"You collapsed on my back while I want to give you a medicine. You body temperature was 39,5 degrees celcius so I took you to the sofa last night. I think you just caught a cold, so just rest for a while", she give me a blanket and make me laying on the sofa again.

So it was just a dream?, I'm a bit disappointed.

'Jingle~', my phone suddenly sounded. It was from...

"Akashi!", I quickly get up.

"What's wrong, Karma-kun?", she asked me.

"Yo~", suddenly Akashi appear behind the sofa.

"Akashi-senpai? Since when you were there?", she asked.

"Ah! (Firstname), stay back", I stand up and block (Firstname) from Akashi.

"Karma, get closer to me", Akahi show his evil smile.

#Your P.O.V

What's wrong with this both? Karma seems to hate Akashi-senpai so much. He said in his house that I might get hurt if I get closer to Akashi-senpai.

"You against me? Did you just forget what I've told you on the past?", Akashi-senpai asking.

"I won't do it anymore! Whether you'll hurt her I'll still protect her anytime!", Karma shouted.

"Karma-kun, he's your brother. Don't be like that...", I said.

"She's right~", Akashi-senpai smirk.

"Don't listen to him, (Firstname)... Never!", said Karma while walking over Akashi-senpai.

'SLAP!', suddenly while Karma already get closer to Akashi-senpai, Akashi-senpai slapped Karma.

"Senpai! What are you doing?", I try to run over Karma who fell on the ground.

"Don't get nearer than that... Please..", Karma shouted to me.

"I just don't know what you're talking about. And why is Akashi-senpai slap you? Is there something wrong?", I asking.

"Just one reason, though... I just want you, (Fullname). Just you. I want everything from you even just a little! No! I want all what you have!", Akashi-senpai's eye was so scary. His kind side suddenly disappear.

"What? What the hell are you talking about?", I'm so confused.

"He's a Yandere", said Karma.

"Yandere? You mean... Like someone who really addicted by someone whom they love?", I said.

"That's it", said Karma.

"No way... Akashi-senpai was a nice guy! He's never--".

"You still said that even you look at his face like that?! Open you eyes! He's an evil!", Karma looks so angry.

"His hobby was to make someone suffer. That's why he makes me suffer by made you the victim if I don't want to do what he say", Karma explained.

I can't say something even a word.

"But, Seijuro Akashi! I'll tell you about this! Now and forever... I won't let her be yours! She's not yours and that won't happen!", Karma looks so confident.

I surprised he said that. How big does his love for me? He has been suffering for a long time even when we were in elementary school. What should I do? Should I stop Karma or Akashi-senpai?

To be continue...




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