Chapter 1: Prologue

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NOTE: As I've edited this I have changed a lot! The ending is still the same but all the details are different leading up to it. Please reread the story if you've read it before!

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This is book 1 of the Forever series. In the series, there are 4 books. This is them in order:
1. Yours, Mine, and Ours
2. Never Say Never
3. One in a Million
4. Forever Yours


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- 0 Weeks Pregnant -

I kissed him probably because I was already almost drunk. But I never actually thought he'd return the kiss. So when he did I was too surprised to react at first. Instead he reached for my hair and turned a kiss into a make out session. The After Party was pretty boring other than all the free drinks that made me feel like a cloud. Light and soft and like nothing could hurt me. My head was so fuzzy by the end of the night that when I woke up the next morning completely naked and in a strange room, I wasn't completely surprised.

Until I rolled over to see who my target had been.

I carefully rolled out of the bed and placed my feet on the floor, suddenly getting a rush of dizziness. I gripped my head and pressed forward, climbing out of the bed and collecting my clothes that had scattered on the floor. I quickly got dressed and as I left the room I felt something cool touching my chest. I glanced down and spotted it.

Dog tags. On the back was an engraving. A phone number.

I decided I would probably never need the number, but I kept the necklace. At least then I'll have some memories from my exciting night with the beautiful singing boy I left sleeping in the bed.

This is book 1 of a 4 book series. To find the others look in the bio of my page. :) Enjoy reading!

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