Chapter 20

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Christmas Day....
(Chloe POV)

The Christmas Tree Was Set Up And Everybody Was Up And Awake But Still In There PJs That Ma Brought All Of Us. Just As We Did As Kids We Rushed Downstairs And Gathered Around To Open Our Gifts...

OMGs Filled The Room And All You Could Her Were The Presents Being Ripped Open.

"OMG" Tay Said As She Opened Her Boxes. She Had A Long Box Filled With 4 Snow Globes. I Heard She Had A Thing For Them.

"What Kind Of Snow Globes Those Are?" TD Asked Her.

"These Are The Rarest..." She Said Then She Paused And Looked At TD. "Teddy Did You Get Me These?" She Asked.

"Maybe I Did... Maybe I Didn't" He Said.

"Awww Thank You" She Said Reaching Over And Hugging TD. "Your The Best Bestfriend Ever" She Said Unwrapping The Other Globes.

"Looks Like Somebody Was Spying..." DJ Said.

"I Got Everything I Secretly Asked For" Gem Said Slipping His Gold Beats Around His Neck.

He Then Looked At Tay And Said "I Love It Tay".

"I Didn't Do Nothing" Tay Said Smiling.

"Mhmmm" Gem Said Then After Opening His Other Gifts He Glanced At Tay And Smiled Again.

"You Look Like A Stalker" She Said To Him.

"Well Your The Stalker... You Got Me Everything I Wanted" He Said.

"Mmmm" She Said As She Observed Her Globes.

They Are So Cute Only If Charlie Wasn't You Know What...

Everybody Else Continued Opening There Gifts And Jumping Up And Down Like Kids...

"Why I Sense Tay Didnt Buy Me Anything" Papa Said As He Opened His Gifts.

"Maybe Tay Didn't Have You" Grandma Said.

"I Didnt Ask You" Gramps Said.

I Swear Those Two Always Going At It At Every Given Chance.

"I Was Asking My Future Wife" He Added.

"Watch Yourself Gramps" Gem Said.

"Sadly I Didn't Have You Gramps" Tay Said.

"Awww Man" Gramps Said.

I Sometimes Think He Is A Young Man Stuck In An Old Age. He Acts Like He Ain't Old. Shaking My Head.

"But Good News Is That I Did Buy You Something" Tay Said Getting Up From Where She Was Sitting.

She Went To The Nearest Closet And Pulled Out Several Boxes.

"Told Y'all She Loved Me" Gramps Said.

"I Brought Everybody Something" She Said. Then She Started Distributing Gifts To Everybody.

"Awww My" Grandma Said. "Thank You Tay" She Said To Tay.

"Your Welcome" Tay Said.

Everybody Thanked Tay So On And What A Good Listener She Was She Brought Something That Everybody Wanted. I Strongly Believe Shes The Best Choice Gem Have Ever Made.

(Tay POV)

Everybody Opened And Loved The Gifts I Got Them. I Eased Dropped On Everyone To Know What I Should Get Them... I Just Wasnt With The 3 Person Thing. After The Gifts We Laughed And Drunk Hot Cocoa And Watched A Christmas Movie...

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