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Today, Percy came to school with a big ass black eye. He seemed more distracted than usual. He gave me a strained smile as we came out of Algebra.

I caught up to Percy near the end lunch as he scurried out of the cafeteria "Dude- Your eye- what happened?"

"It's nothing. I- I was hit by a football at the park." He said, avoiding my gaze.

I grabbed his face and turned it to inspect the injury. It was dark purple, at swelled slightly. His eyes were forced to look at me. They were deep pools of dark stormy seas. Cold and relentless.

"Are you sure? You always seem to have a lot of injuries..." I said worriedly. I always suspected that someone was hurting him.

He pushed my hand away. "What can I say? I'm a clumsy guy."

He didn't look at me. "Percy... There is no way in hell you could possibly-"

"Get to class! You're going to be late!" A teacher yelled down the hall.

He turned to leave. I grabbed his wrist. He winced. "Ow!"

I stared wide eyed at him. I pulled up the sleeve of his hoodie and it was too late for him to protest.

A bruise, the size of a baseball was on his arm. Black and blue. He yanked his arm back. "After school." He said.

His eyes conveyed it all. A flashing hurricane. Dark and deep, sad. Then, the dams in his eyes came up again and he turned away. Pushing down his sleeve, he hurried to class.

I could only stare at his retreating back.

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