12. She's Too Good

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(More is coming tho after this chapter lol so maybe get a tub of ice cream)

Chapter 12

Rey POV:

She woke in a bed that was soft and plump, large and spacious, and in a room that was unfamiliar. Rey sat up with a start, heart thumping. Where was she?

And then she remembered where she was. Why she was there.

Rey crossed barefoot to the dresser across from her bed. It was made of dark wood, wood that was unfamiliar to her. She had barely seen any trees in her life, yet alone furniture made from wood. And so it felt like a luxury to her to open the top drawer, and it felt like a luxury to reach inside and pull out a dark pair of pants and a shirt.

Her stomach grumbled then, loud. She was so hungry that she had not even the time to pull her hair back in her traditional hairstyle.

Taking the delicately carved brush off the wooden dresser, Rey ran the bristles through her hair, letting it fall freely onto her shoulders. Her stomach grumbled once more, and she quickly put the brush down and slipped on her boots.

Outside her room, the hallway was empty. Rey looked up and down, searching for anyone. Although she heard sounds of people, they were far away. The metallic floor clacked underneath her boots as she walked, hearing nothing, the few steps it took to reach Ben's room.

She knocked lightly, bouncing on her toes. Hunger gnawed at her stomach. As she stood, Rey realized that she could sense him, right beyond the door. She realized that she could nearly feel him, as though he was standing right beside her.

The door opened.

And then he was.

"Come on, hurry," she said, grabbing his bare arm and pulling him out the door. "It's time for breakfast."

Ben chuckled, gently tugging his arm back. "Just wait a second. I'm not dressed yet."

Rey blushed, realizing for the first time that he was naked from the waist up. She licked her lips and forcibly looked him in the eyes. "Sorry."

Ben shook his head and waved her in. Rey stepped in cautiously, somehow feeling as though she was overstepping her boundaries, though she had practically made herself at home the night before.

It seemed different now, now that his chest was bare and her hair was loose.

Nevertheless she stepped closer, watching as Ben pulled a maroon shirt from his dresser. Watching as the muscles in his back strained. Ben turned around, running his fingers through his hair and searching around him. His eyebrows raised in content as his eyes settled on his boots.

A few seconds later, he stood up. "You ready?"

Rey cocked her head, looking up at him as he walked closer. His eyes were dark. Something was inside, something she had never seen in him before. Was it . . . lust? No, she told herself, it couldn't be.

Nevertheless, she swallowed, somehow feeling very small next to him.

Licking his lips, he stepped even closer, reaching a hand out to twirl a strand of her hair. "I like it like this," he stated, his voice deep and rough. "Undone. It's . . . nice."

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