Chapter Nine

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Cameron's POV
I grabbed her medicine when she started shaking but it was too late. My heart started pounding even faster as I reached the phone and dialed 911. They came after what felt like hours and took Cara into the ambulance with me of course. I held onto her tiny hand as we arrived at the hospital. They rolled her through the hospital door and I followed behind, but was pulled back after we reached her room. I started playing with my bracelet with my hands in my head, while I breathed hard and prayed that she was okay. A bunch of footsteps filled the hall and I looked up to see everyone from Magcon was here except for some who left already. I just stared ahead and was afraid to break into tears if I spoke. The nurse came out and told us we could all come inside because I got a private room for her. Hayes and Carter sat beside me and we all silently watched Cara sleep and nobody spoke. I kept on mentally thanking God. Hayes placed his hand on my back and that was my breaking point. I started crying and he bro hugged me, then I stopped because I have to be strong for her. "She could of died ...I don't know what I would of done without her", I whispered more to myself than anyone. I kept on mumbling, "I'm such a bad parent", to myself. Cara sat upright and looked at me sideways. I quickly wiped away my tears and everyone left before I walked up to her. "I love you okay? Always remember that because you are my world", I rushed out. She hugged me than whispered,"I know Camer-dad". We stayed like that a little before she asked," Now could I go back home yet because this hospital room has too much bad memories". She giggled at her own words and I smiled as a doctor came in. "Your free to go but you'll need to take these everyday so this won't happen again", she said and Cara jumped out of the hospital bed, then grabbed the bag of clothes which Andrea, of course, brought for her. After a long wait she came out and we left. On the way home we stopped for ice cream and I got a call. I switched lanes because Bart called and said he is gonna be at the penthouse tomorrow for a Magcon meeting. Cara was too busy making musical.lys to even notice and eating ice cream. She reminds me of Jacob because she is just as obsessed as him. We got out of the car and she was smiling hard when she saw where we were. Before she could ask the million dollar question I said,"Yes we are staying the night." She started to jump up and down in the elevator, and ran out to Jacob when it stopped. I was laughing as they talked about her being 1st place on, and how they're gonna beat each other. Everyone was watching 'Expelled' and it was now 12:00am. Cara fell asleep so I carried her to the guest room where it was quiet. I took a picture of her cuteness and posted it on Instagram with the caption: "Goodnight to the world, from my world". I fell asleep shortly after because of how drained of energy I was. "Goodnight baby girl", I whispered and kissed her head."Goodnight dad", she whispered back before I fell asleep smiling.

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