Chapter 9

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Sorry for not updating my little munchinks. Even if your not that short, still. The reason is cuz i need to get my grades up. I have AD/HD or ADD, i think. Don't know which is which. I have hard time paying attention. Well, here is the next chappy. And last. Cuz i already got a good idea for another story. Don't know if it'll be of gravity falls, or another rescue bots...or if it'll be about deadpool, since i already saw the movie. Well, let me know. But be warned, i will not be making sequel.

Fergus p.o.v

Surprised that it is my point of view? Well, it's cuz we have hsd quite a lot happened during the last 14 years. Thats right, 14 years have gone by. I am now 15, my uncle cody is with frankie. My aunts and uncles are happily married, and i have cousins, and expecting some on the way.

Yes, my uncle kade did come to his senses and came back. No, the old mayor did not come back. My mom has been mayor for the past 14 of my life. I go to college, since i am smarter than most kids. And i still have that tenancy to go into the recycling bins every now and then.

Slavage: Ain't ya gonna tell 'em what will be happening?

Oh right, i am going to be a big brother soon. To a little girl. My parents are adopting a 6 year old girl named Julianne. And i have already met her, she is adorable.

Most importantly, this is a message to any who dare hurt my family. I will hunt you down, and kill you slowly and painfully. I will even kill the rest of your family, so you better not mess with mine.

That's all for now, and hope everyone is safe and keep being awesome. Bye!

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