Chapter 2

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Lucas' POV.

Once class ended again me and Maya stood at the exact same time.She noticed me watching her put her things in her bag, not in a 'creepy' way but still, she blushed.

I asked her, " Who do you have next " she reacted by dropping her textbooks and saying " Shoot ", she bent over to pick up her books.She has a nice figure I thought but I cut off my shameful thoughts to help her with her books.

" Oh, thank you, but you don't have to do that," she said with obvious embarrassment." No, I dont mind, really," we both stood up slowly and I handed the books that I had gathered.

"So umm, you didn't answer my question". "Oh yeah, umm, I have English ll Mrs. Barrett". I was oddly relieved that I had multiple classes with her. "Oh cool, I have that next too, I could walk with you too show you the way", "Oh okay yeah that'd be great thank you so much for the help".

In all the time that I have been with Maya I completely forgot about Riley, my girlfriend. When Maya and I walked down the hall, we were talking about her schedule and I spotted Riley, and she looked furious, and that was before she spotted me talking to a another girl.

Then ended her conversation with her best friend,slammed her locker closed and approached me with an indigment look.

"Why the hell havent you texted me back," she said with a raging look on her face. "Its nice to see you too babe,Riley this is Maya,Maya this...." Riley cut me off with, " Yeah,yeah yeah .. so my parents are going out of town for the weekend so we got the house all to ourselves tonight ".

I could tell she was making Maya uncomfortable, and the fact that she would give Maya dirty looks made me mad. " No, I cant I have  homework maybe next time". The minute bell rang giving us only one-minute to get to class. " See ya later, babe," I implied. It looked like she was expecting me to kiss her, but I was honestly just so annoyed by her right now.

Maya and I walked in the direction of our next class and I was so embarrassed by Riley's behavior that I felt the need to apoligize to Maya.
"Im sorry about her, she wasn't always like that," I explained to her and she gave me a small apoligetic smile, " You really don't
have to apoligize for her, its not your fault, "

We arrived to the class two minutes late, so we had to go get some passes from the office, so we both did so on our way up we both took our time walking while talking. She told me that she was an only child, we had that in common.

She cracked a few jokes when I told her that I was from Texas, she was getting comfortable, and I was glad she broke out of her shell." I need to come up with a nickname for you now, oh I know, huckleberry!" Oh great I knew for a fact that nickname would get old fast.

Maya's POV

Ah. New York City. The busy city. And then there is school. I expected school to be really boring and nobody to even make eye contact with ' the new girl '. Right now I can see the big sign in front of the school that's says ' John Quincy Adams High School ' just staring. Staring at it as if it's about to attack me.

" Hey! " I heard from behind. I turned around and saw a really good looking guy. He was wearing a black leather vest.

" Uh hey

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" Uh hey. " I said trying my best to be as confident as I can.

" You new? You look a little lost and you're basically just staring at the school as if it's going to eat you. " He said laughing a little.

" Yes I am new but I'm not lost. I think I can find my way around. What's your name? "

" Charlie. Charlie Gardner. I'm also kinda new came here about 2 months ago. I'm from California. " He said looking up right where the sun hit his brown eyes perfectly.

" Same here. I'm Maya. Maya Hart. " Tapping my feet nervously on the ground waiting for his response.

" Maya? I've never dated a Maya. " He finally responded.

I raised my eyebrows in amusement, " Really? Well when you do date a Maya, let me know. " I joked, smiling widely and walked away.

That was a good start to this new school experience. Now time for my first class with Mr. Bidolli. I walked in the class and looked around the classroom. And caught someone's eye. His dark dirty blonde hair. He looked as good looking as Charlie. Maybe even a little bit more.

"Maya, you may sit in front of Lucas, Lucas raise your hand please,"

So Lucas is his name. It suits him he raised his hand I walked up to him noticing he has green eyes. Gorgeous green eyes. I felt his eyes burning into the nape of my neck I peeked back a little and saw him staring but I don't think he noticed that I noticed.

After many minutes of Mr. Bidolli yapping and yapping. I stood up and so did Lucas at the same time. He bumped into me causing me to drop all my books to the floor.

He looked traumatized as I looked up. Then he left just leaving me to pick up my books on my own. What a jerk. I said it was ok because I didn't want to cause any problems on my first day here.

To my luck I was late to my next class and sat next to Lucas.

"Hey, my name is Lucas you know that asshole that knocked your books over back there. " I giggled. I hate my giggle damn it. But on the other hand Lucas might not be that bad.

We made small talk walking to my next class and we had a really bad encounter with his. Ok bear with me girlfriend, there goes my chance out the window.

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