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If you don't like to read anything Ratchet and Ghetto please do not continue

Remember this is only a Fiction Story don't be getting mad at the Characters,it's not real

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Dear Diary ,

My Day have been pretty good I guess, moms been doing that white girl again getting on my Damn Nerves as always. My body count of today was only 2 , they was big ballas too,I ended up paying the Rent and putting food in the house so I'm happy . I gotta keep them on speed dial. It's pretty late and I need to go wash my ass. But I couldn't forget to write in here today . So see ya .

I put my pencil down and threw my Journal under my bed. I got up and went to my dresser to grab a random Oversized shirt that niggas be leaving over. I have like 10 of them so that's all I sleep in.

I grabbed my Pink Towel and walked across the hall to my small ass bathroom.

I've been living in the projects since the day I came out my mother's pussy......literally, her and my cheap ass dad didn't go to the hospital because they didn't want to pay for the Hospital bill . Shit, now that I think about she had me in the same tub I'm about to get in.

Lord knows how I'm still here , she told they just watched YouTube videos and had me like it was nothing. Crazy shit right?

I pulled the curtains back and 3 Roaches was chilling by the water drain.

"Shit". I mumbled to myself .

I grabbed my mom's house shoe ad killed them, looking under the sink I grabbed to plastic bags, putting on around my hand to pretend to be a glove to pick up the bugs and the other to dump them in. After I got them out the tub I took the bag out the bathroom and set it in hallway until I take the trash out.

The tub looked a dirty so I quickly cleaned it then finally took a shower.

I stripped out my clothes and let the hot water hit my body . I stood there a minute and just thought about life.

I'm only 18 years old trying to hustle just to put food on the table. Living with a Crack Head isn't easy . When someone says the Name Blossom the word Hoe crosses their mind. But I don't care this is me. I don't give a fuck I didn't graduate HighSchool,I don't give a fuck I had 5 abortions and 3 miscarriages since the age of 14,I don't give a fuck that I like Sucking Dick for Change, and I don't give a fuck that I will never make it out the hood. This is just me .

I am Blossom Valent and this is just how it is and I can live with it . I'm a Brownskin thang that stand about 5'7. My eyes is the reason why I get attracted the most. They are so Vibrant and Beautiful I be having niggas dying to get piece of me, bitches too but I don't go that way. I always keep my nails and feet together with all the money I make and that's a Must. I will starve myself to make sure I look good. I have a nice ass body to match this Goddess Face. You can't just be a Average Hoe and get paid . I look my best to get the Thugs with the real Money. All these other Chestnut Groove Hoes just fuck these Fake Drugs dealers that smoke up all their weed before selling it. Bitches are so silly.

I prey on the Niggas with the Money. I'm a mixture of a Hoe,prositute,and a Side Piece. I put money in my pocket either way it go.

I began washing my body and rinsing off . I was tired of standing in here . After I washed all my suds off I dried my body. I sat down and began moisturizing my body . It was well needed. After this, it was about to be lights out for me.

I had a hard day of Fucking, it all restart tomorrow and I couldn't wait to put more money in my pocket.

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