Chapter 11

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Arielle felt every single pair of eyes on her. It felt as if the acid in her stomach was eating through her, she felt so sick and nervous. The only thing keeping her from puking up what she had eaten at the Awful Waffle was her pride (and maybe the face Selene was one of the many watching her).

"Today, we are here to witness the trail of the human Arielle Jana Johnson," the Queen's strong voice rang out. It shocked Arielle how forceful her voice sounded for such a fragile looking old woman.

"What are her charges?"

A younger male to Arielle's left cleared his throat before stating, "She has witnessed two vampire attacks and has been in contact multiple times with the rouges and seen having conversation with their leader Carmen."

"W-what?" Arielle sputtered unbelievably. "I was not! They were trying to kill me!"

"Please Miss Johnson," a young Islamic boy interrupted, "if you would only speak when we allow you to."

"But--"'Arielle started to protest when Selene eyes narrowed dangerously at her.

Arielle pursed her lips into a thin line before nodding rather reluctantly. The man to her left once again cleared his throat before continuing.

"Carmen Valdez has revealed herself to humans, attacked both vampire and humans in large quantities, and has gained many followers to help overthrow both the Queen and the Kingdom. For this she was found guilty of treason and her verdict was death. However, she escaped with the help of her colleges. She has also appeared to be in multiple conversations with the human before you. This trail is to determine what her punishment will be if she is found guilty of treason against the Kingdom. If she is found innocent, it is the Council's decision what her place will be within the Kingdom."

"Miss Johnson," the Queen addresses Arielle directly, "what do you pled against the accusations of your collaboration with Carmen Valdez and the other rouges."

Arielle gulped yet it did nothing to sooth her throat, which felt like it was currently lined with sand paper.

"Innocent. She attacked me and tried to kill me multiple times. If Selene hadn't showed up when she did I would be dead right now."

"What a pity then," Lestat the Douchebag vampire sneered.

"Wait a min--" Arielle was about to call him every bad name she could think of when Selene interrupted.

"Lord Beckham, we are here for one reason: to determine Arielle's place in the Kingdom. Any sides remarks about her current state of living is not only unprofessional but unappreciated as well."

Lord Beckham (even his name sounded stupid) had the decency to look slightly embarrassed, yet also angry with his pride pricked by Selene's comment. Arielle didn't bother hiding her amused smirk. She found herself wanting to piss him off more often just to see the vein in his forehead pop out or see how hard he could clench his jaw before it snapped.

"Selene, is what Miss Johnson saying the truth?" the Queen asked calmly.

"Yes, my Queen. Carmen had gained followers and attacked a group of human teenagers at a gathering. Arielle was one of the humans among them. I killed as many of the rouges as I could, but Carmen was going to escape and get least a few more weeks ahead before I could track them down again. I noticed Arielle was left alive and I knew that Carmen would want to play games with he before would kill her, so I bit Arielle.

"I watched for a week through her eyes and saw Carmen and the rouges at Manson's Institute for the Mentally Unstable. Upon arriving, Carmen and her rouges and killed off most of the staff and patients. I came across Arielle being chased by Carmen and a few rouges. I killed Carmen and the rest of her rouges before heading right for the Kingdom."

The room erupted with noise. Everyone was trying to guess what Arielle's place would be since it was clear she was innocent because the Assassin can/would never lie to the Queen. She was bristling with anger. This wasn't some game show. This was her life! The voices continued to build and merged into one giant buzzing noise, Arielle could feel herself growing more annoyed by the minute. Thankfully, the Queen told everyone to be quite.

"Are there any places where more humans are needed?" The Queen requested with such poise it made Arielle smile a little.

"We could always use more Blood Donors," Lestat the Dickwaffle vampire jeered. Arielle tried not to react to his obvious gibe at her.

"I would like to have her as a personal servant," Selene voiced seriously.

The whole council turned (even the Queen) and gave Selene the most surprised look. Arielle tried to make sense of their befuddled expressions. Why would they look at her like that?

"Are you sure Selene?" The Queen asked tentatively. "She'll need training."

Selene nodded. "I'll see that she train alongside with Henry as well as one-on-one with me."

More murmurs broke out. Arielle felt her body sag with relief. Selene kept her promise! But what was the training about? And who was Henry?

"Does anyone on the Council object to Selene's decision concerning Arielle Johnson's lace within the Kingdom?"

Arielle held her breath. No council member spoke up so they must not object to it. Arielle felt like breaking out in song and dance. The Queen stood gracefully and once again everyone fell into either a deep bow or a kneel. Arielle once again bent down into an awkward crouch because the giant bird cage she was in wouldn't allow her to bend any further.

"Arielle Jana Johnson you are herby found innocent by the Council and will proceed to be the Assassin's personal servant as your place in the Kingdom."

Arielle didn't bother hiding her joyous smile. She wasn't going to be drained dry, she would get to spend more time with Selene, and she would get to learn more about what she does.

The court room started to slowly deplete with the Queen leaving first, next the Council members (expect Selene) left, and then the rest of the subjects flittered out. Selene walked over with a few guards who unlocked both her cage and bonds. Arielle gently rubbed her wrist, and without thinking, threw herself at Selene, engulfing her into a thankful hug.

Selene tensed up but didn't pull away. Her arms open yet they didn't embrace Arielle back, they just were hanging out by Arielle's sides. It was almost as if the vampire had never been hugged before. With that thought, Arielle squeezed Selene a bit tighter before letting go.

"You're freaking awesome! I was worried for a couple minutes there but I'm not worried now. What did the Queen mean about me being trained? Who's Henry? What does it mean that I'm your personal servant?" Arielle rambled on aimlessly.

Selene raised a single eyebrow singling how she was somewhat amused by Arielle's antics. Arielle smiled and flushed shyly.

"Those questions will be answered soon enough. Right now the Queen would like to personally talk with you."

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