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It was raining, but I didn't care. I couldn't go back to Harry, and I couldn't go back to Zayn. I needed to be alone, I needed to think. I didn't know where I was walking, and I didn't know how long I'd last in the cold rain, but I kept walking. Walking until my socks were soaked, and my clothes stuck to my skin like a second skin. Until my eye lashes were dripping water, and I had to constantly flick my hair from my face. I needed to get a haircut, I stop underneath an awning running my fingers through my soaked hair. Squeezing the water out of my clothes, I stare out at the empty streets. Everyone running for cover, running to their cars, and inside building.

I didn't realize I was crying until I was shaking too hard to breath. I lean against the wall trying to catch my breath, trying to breath. I go into a bar, the cold air hitting me, I take a seat just as someone takes the stage.

"Good evening everyone, I see some new faces and some not so new faces.... Well I'm Sia Kate, most people call me Sia and this is Helium" she starts strumming her guitar, as I start removing some layers of my clothes. She starts singing and I've never heard a more beautiful song.

When she finishes her song, someone has brought me a bowl of bread and a class of water. She walks to the bar where people congratulate her. I wait until my clothes are at least half way dry then I put them on again.


"It's pouring, he's going to get pneumonia" I say, pacing the room.

"He isn't answering his fucking phone" Zayn says, angrily.

"Where is your dad" Louis asks, pacing alongside me. I stop looking around the living room, he's the only one not in the living room.

"I think he's in his office" I say, leaving the living room. I walk down the hallway, stopping at my Father's office. "Dad?" I say, lightly knocking. No answer, I open the door and he's pacing the room, on the phone.

"I want every police out now looking for him, he's alone it's raining and its cold I swear to god Richard if something happens to him" my dad growls. He hangs up the phone slamming it down on the desk.

"I'm sure he's fine" I say, he looks at me.

"This is all my fault" He says. He falls on the couch. "I pushed him away.... I messed everything up" he whispers, I stand in front of him hesitantly before sitting down.

"You didn't mess anything up dad...... Nothing is your fault, you didn't ruin anything and I love you.... I know I don't say that often, and I know that I often act like a brat but I've never seen you happy ever, and whenever you were near Niall you had the biggest smile and It's my fault for trying to get in the middle of that......"

He pulls me into a hug, tightly.

"He's okay Dad" I whisper.

"Niall?!" Louis yells, I shoot up running into the main hallway just at the front door closes, Niall stands soaked.

"You stupid bastard!" I yell, running and nearly tackling him to the ground. He hugs me back and I pull away checking him for bruises, scars.

"Where is your dad?" he whispers, before looking pass me I turn and my dad stands in the hallway. Behind Zayn and Louis. Niall walks over slowly, everything happening like in a romantic movie, he walks up to my dad. "I love you Harry, I love you so, so much" and before my dad can say anything Niall pulls him into a kiss. My dad quickly pulls him closer, then I have to look away. They finally pull away and Niall runs his fingers through his soaking hair.

"I need to change" he says, before going upstairs. We stand in silence before my father follows him.


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