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When Mommy Loves Me

The day I move into New York was also the day I knew things wouldn't be the same.

Moving away from Hong Kong was a big step for me. Finding a place to stay wasn't hard but wasn't easy as well.

Landing a job shouldn't seem hard right?

I land an internship at the Covington Fashion and Magazine Co. I don't know how I did it but I did.

The only thing distracting me was the 5,11 gorgeous, Latin woman with so much immense power.




Sexy as hell.


Nurturing even.

Daydreaming about my boss as my mommy.

Oh how I so wish...

But what if that wish turned into a reality?




"Omi can you come in please." My boss calls for me, I feel nervous being in her presence as I have my head down low.

"Yes boss?" I ask, not really sure how to inform "Please... Call me Milan..." I slightly look up, looking over her long legs being crossed.

"Omi...?" She calls my name again, snapping me from my dirty thoughts.

"Y-yes?" I stutter... Gosh I'm such an idiot "Do you have any plans for this weekend?" She asks me "Um... No? Is there something you need?" I ask waiting for her answer.

"Yes cancel anything you're doing for this weekend, I need you to come with me on a business trip!" She says and I'm almost lost my temper, not once has she ever noticed me and expects me to cancel all things and come to her aid.

"No!" I say and she looks up abruptly "Excuse me?" She snaps and I whimper from her temper but I stand my ground.

"I said no! If you need help... Why don't you call your actual assistant for help? I'm just an intern, I'm not even being paid! So no!" I walk out of her office walking quickly towards the elevator.

I realize what I had done was stupid but now it was too late to even go back on it.

"Crap!" I whisper softly, the bell dings and I get off walking towards my small cubicle.

Everyone's eyes on me.

~why are they looking at me like that?

"Miss. Omi?" someone calls for me and I look up to see a man "Y-yes?"

"You're wanted upstairs on the 30th floor again..." He says reluctantly and I gulp down the sudden lodge in my throat.

~Crap what was I thinking!?

When Mommy Loves Me

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