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Chapter 1: Nightmares

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Author's note: This is the first series i'm putting on wattpad, and i'm really excited. Feel free to give constructive criticism! The first scene is based of a game my mother played with me when I was little called teddy bear teddy bear, in case you were wondering. Anyway that's enough rambling for now! On to the story.

Chapter 1. Nightmares

My mother chanted "Tedi Ursa! Tedi Ursa! Jump up and down! Tedi Ursa! Tedi Ursa! Touch your toes! Tedi Ursa! Tedi Ursa! Spin around!" After jumping up and down and touching my toes, I tried turning but ended tripping over my own two feet, and falling into my mother's warm embrace giggling.

My mother smiled and said, "Why don't you try to spin again? I know you can do It!"

I got up and spun around gracefully like a little ballerina. As I spun, the world seemed to spin and fade.

Next I saw me and my mother sitting in a field near are house. She was teaching me about medicinal herbs. She always wanted me to become a doctor. Above I saw pidgeys flying in the air. Curiously I asked my mother, "Will I ever get to live with pokemon?"

She frowned and said, " Me and your father decided that it was best that you should not be around pokemon."

I frowned and asked her, "Weren't you a pokemon trainer back in the day?"

Her eyebrows rose as she replied curiously, "Where did you hear that?"

I smiled and knew that I caught her off guard and replied, "Old Pete said he remembered seeing you in one of those contest spectacles on TV one time."

She sighed and shook her head,"I will explain to you why you can't when you're older dear." Tired of questioning my mother I curled up against my mom and said, "I miss daddy."

She sighed as her eyes seemed to water a little as she said, "I do too." She began to hum a beautiful tune as I closed my eyes and the scene shifted again.

It was such a dark and snowy night as I walked home from my friend Kat's house. I stepped inside cold and numb from the blizzard. I slid my snowy boots off and placed my coat and hat on the coat hanger. Slowly, I tip toed up the stairs to my mother's room, careful not to wake her.

As I walked up the stairs I heard some sort of commotion going on in my mother's room. I put my ear to door to hear what was going on. I heard two voices, A man and my mother talking in loud agitated voices to one another.

"Are you from......" my mother hissed so quietly I couldn't even hear the end of it.

The man laughed and said, "Wouldn't you like to know!"

My mother yelled at him, "WHO ARE YOU?"

The man's voice hissed, "It's not like a dead person needs to know..."

I couldn't let the man kill my mother! I burst into the room, hysterical charging at the man with my fists banging on his chest yelling, "Don't hurt my mother!"

The man and my mother both stood there gaping at each other surprised at the outbreak. The man picked me up by the hoodie of my sweatshirt as I kicked and pulled to get out of his grip. He threw me across the room as I hit the wall with a THUD!

The air was knocked out me as I heard my mother scream my name, "Titanium!" Tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt helpless against the man dressed In black. I saw tattooed on his shoulder a peculiar symbol that seemed to endlessly curve and swirl, that was all a metallic green that seemed to draw my attention away.

What broke my trance was the sound of a flute playing the melody my mother hummed in the field that one time. A purple white pokemon smashed through her bedroom window. Glass shattered all over leaving the floor a dazzling mess of reflective shards.

The purple and white pokemon zoomed towards the man knocking him out the window with a sharp turn. He pushed himself off the grass and threw out a pokeball that opened up to reveal a huge black pokemon with black scales and blood red eyes who was probably bigger than our entire house.

My mother looked frightened and defeated. She shouted to her pokemon, "Take Titanium to the police station and don't come back!"

The pokemon looked sad and began to fly towards me. I went to scramble towards my mother but the pokemon latched its hands on to me to quickly. With that instantaneous touch of the pokemon the world seemed to glow blue and bright. I sensed the anger and sadness in my mother as well as the pity from the strange man. Most of all I felt the purple and white pokemon's heart breaking as much as my own.

My mother threw the flute she had been playing to the purple and white pokemon who grabbed it in its mouth and flew into the sky at amazing speed. Once we were up in the air the wind hit my face hard whipping my black hair around. Tears fell from my eyes streaming on to the barren earth. The sky began to darken with black clouds as blue lightning sizzled in the air. I closed my eyes and blacked out from pure exhaustion.

Next I woke up with the Flute in hand in a police car as I saw flashing lights outside. I stumbled out of the car still groggy and walked up to officer Jenny.

I tilted my head and asked her, "How did I end up in the police car? What happened to my mother? Is she gone? Am I... "

She wrapped her arms around me in a warm hug just like my mothers. She whispered, "I'm sorry." confirming my worst fears. I cried there for a while. The flashing lights around me seem to blur the world as it spun.

I heard voices around me saying, "You should have stayed back and saved her,"..... "She was your mother,"....."You're a sorry excuse for a daughter,"..... "She deserved better!" I screamed at the voices, "STOP!!!" But hey kept chanting horrible things. I curled up into a ball beginning to cry again.

I woke up from my dream gasping for air. I had that dream every single night, I would relive memories with my mother. I cried soft sobs careful not to wake my aunt. I looked at the clock as it read 4:30, I had to get ready for school soon anyway. I pulled myself up out of bed and took a deep breath. I mentally created a wall around my heart to protect myself from getting hurt again. No one would get close enough to my heart again to shatter it.....

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