Chapter Forty

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Quick Author's Note:

Hey guys! Okay, I'm gonna get straight to the point and say that I changed who plays Lianne again. I'm sorry that I keep changing the girl but I swear this time will be the last time. So if you want to go check out who plays Lianne now and how she looks like, go to Chapter 5 and see the new uploaded pic. :)

Also, I know I told you guys last chapter that this chapter was going to be really long but it's not as long as I thought it would be, sorry about that guys.

Anyway, let's get into Chapter 40.... The very last chapter *Insert 20 Billion Crying Emoji's*

Totally forgot to mention the song that I have up top. I didn't realize that I didn't mention it until after I published the part, sorry about that! The song is called 'Isn't She Lovely' by Stevie Wonder, but the video up top is the Glee version of it. You can start playing it after the birth of the baby!

Picture of Sean and Anabelle's Daughter up top! :)



"You know what Ana? You are so right. You are always right."


"God, I don't know why I'm overthinking this whole thing-"

"Lianne!!" I yelled her name, interrupting her.

She stopped talking and I slowly looked up at her. She looked down at the ground and then back at me. I saw that she had a shocked look on her face. "Is that what I think is?"

I swallowed hard before nodding slowly.

Oh God.

"My water just broke," I whispered.

*End of Recap*



*Anabelle's POV*


That's what was going to happen the minute I walk through the front door.

"Okay, just breathe Ana! We're a few seconds away from the house," Lianne soothingly said as she held onto my hand tight. I slowly inhaled and exhaled as we reached the front door. Lianne quickly reached for the door handle and opened it.

The sound of people laughing and talking filled my ears. I slowly walked in, rubbing small circles around my stomach. Right when we walked into the living room, I began feeling another contraction, which was a bit stronger than the ones I felt before my water broke.

"Oh God!" I whimpered as I quickly grabbed Lianne's hand and began squeezing it tight. I closed my eyes and continued to inhale and exhale. The room began slightly quieter and I could feel a few eyes on me.

"Anabelle? Honey? What's going on? Are you okay?" I heard Raye ask me.

"Her water broke!" Lianne quickly blurted out. The room became silent and I opened my eyes as the pain began to subside. Raye looked me in the eyes, shocked.

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