My New Family

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We were turning our corner to go home when I saw my mom and dad lock hands and my brother and sister's arms go around me just before a pick-up smashed into the side of our vehicle.

I was sitting in the foster home waiting to be taken to the airport I was once again being moved to another home, no that's not the word place I was being forced to stay at until somebody thinks they want me only to throw me back into the system. "Are you ready to go" my social worker asked me "yeah" I said standing up and grabbing my two bags and putting my headphones in and blasting my music drowning out reality. We got to the airport and she gave me the classic speech "be good, be nice and polite, don't get into fights, and I hope you find a family" what they all say. I didn't pay attention to where I was going until they said my flight number and the destination "flight 829 now boarding to Los Angeles, California." I looked at my ticket and went to board the plane I grabbed a window seat and just listened to my iPod the whole way.

I got off the plane and met my new social worker and she took me to the foster house. There were eleven other kids waiting outside when I got there everyone introduced themselves but there was only one person that I paid attention to. His name was Alex he was wearing black skinny jeans and a white V-neck with black straightened hair he stood out from the others. When everyone had dispersed this really blonde preppy chick showed me my room and bed. It was a fairly big house and had a big backyard. I climbed a tree and once I got to a nice spot I took out my iPod. A few minutes later that kid uh Alex came and started to climb it when he got to where I was he didn't realize I was there. I took out my ear buds and he said that I was in his spot "sorry" I said "it's fine don't worry about" he said.

"What are you listening to" he asked

"uh Black Veil Brides" I said

"cool do you listen to Asking Alexandria" he asked

"yeah BVB is my favorite but AA is next" I said

"What is your favorite Asking Alexandria song" he asked

"um either 'Another Bottle Down' or 'The Death of Me'" I said

"cool mine is 'The Death of Me'"

"What is your favorite Black Veil Brides song" I asked

"um 'Fallen Angels' or 'The Legacy'" he said

"oh nice, I prefer the 'Wretched and Divine' album a bit more than 'Set The World On Fire'" I said

"hey you never told me your name" he said

"I'm Sarah" I said

"nice to meet you and that is a really pretty name" he said

"thanks it was common where I grew up" I said

"so where are you from"

"South Dakota" I said

"how did you end up here" he asked

"well my family and I were on our way home and we turned a corner but there was a guy passing the car behind us and he smashed into our vehicle and he killed my mom, dad, brother, and sister the last thing I remember was seeing my mom and dad reach for each other's hand and feeling my brother and sister put their arms around me to protect me, they saved my life, my mom, dad, and brother were killed on impact and my sister smashed her temple into the window and was killed by that. It was the same spot where my grandpa had been killed too" I said

"I am sorry my parents they just put me in here one day and then I was adopted for a few years then put back in because my adoptive parents said they didn't understand me" he said

"sorry that had to have sucked to be taken in and then dumped again that happened to me but it only lasted a couple of months"

"people suck" he said

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