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(This starts out with you and Gaara as kids. You're both 6 years old.)

Your POV:

I sat at a bench and watched everyone play soccer. I also noticed a boy. He had red hair and his eyes were black around the edges. He looked lonely. I was too, but I'm sure it was for another reason. I was alone because everyone knew about my family. They knew how my parents treated me, how my siblings didn't care about me.

   They were afraid that if they were to become my friend, my parents would hurt them. How foolish of them to think that. My parents aren't that stupid. They cover it up......I cover it up. The bruises, the cuts, all of them are hidden. I cover them up under clothes, my mothers makeup. I was quite strategic as a 6 year old. But that's only because when you're treated this way, you have to come up with places to hide so they wouldn't find you, so no one could hear you weep and call you people wouldn't find out how weak you really were. I knew how weak I really was. Scarred from every word they shouted and how caring they acted to my other siblings hurt me even more deeply.

They cover it up by acting all innocent around other people and pretending to love me......well, at least they pretend. My mother also uses her makeup to cover up the bruises they make on my face. Even hiding it with the brightest smile I can muster up.

   I know what it feels like to have no inspiration, to have no one to look up to. I had to find my way through life in this world on my own so far. I just hope one day someone will love me. I am an independent person but I was willing to help anyone. I don't want someone to end up like me. I would hate myself if I ever let that happen to someone. But....I already hated myself. There is something wrong with but I don't know what it is...

   I watched as a kid kicked the ball and it landed on the roof. I saw the boy that was sitting alone stand up and get the ball for them. But they ran away from him. They were scared, but I didn't see why? I saw as he tried to get them to stay so he wouldn't be alone. But he hurt them.

A guy with blond hair stopped the boy from what he was doing. I don't know what happened from there. I felt bad for him.. he just wanted a friend, he just wanted to help....

I decided to look for him tomorrow and ask him if he would like to be my friend. I wonder what his reaction will be...

Gaara's POV:

   Yashamaru stopped me from keeping those kids from leaving me. I asked about what pain feels like. He elaborated the physical pain, making himself bleed and said that, that kind of pain could be healed with medicine and time and that it was the kind of pain those kids felt when I tried to get them to stay and that I couldn't feel that kind of pain because of my mothers field of sand. Whereas the pain I feel, in my heart, can only be cured with love. I wanted to show love to the ones I have harmed, but only got fear and hatred in return.

   I stood outside, on the roof, and looked up at the moon, trying to understand the reason why I was always treated as such a monster

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I stood outside, on the roof, and looked up at the moon, trying to understand the reason why I was always treated as such a monster. I heard someone run up behind me, then felt a force hit the sand that was controlled by my mother's spirit to protect me. I heard a grunt of pain as the sand fatally wounded the one who had attacked me. I turned around to see a guy on his back. It was one of Suna's Anbu. He had a mask covering his face but I could see blood trickle down his forehead. I lean down and pull his mask down, only to see Yashamaru. My eyes go wide and I feel a devastating pain in my chest. "Why?" I asked. "I'm sorry, Gaara. It was an order to kill you by Lord Kasekage....your father." He told me how he didn't refuse to kill me because he felt that deep down he hated me because during birth I killed my mother, his sister, and about the thing living inside of my mother's hate for the village lives on in me....How I was never loved.

I cried. The only thing I knew what to do in that moment. Thinking back on everything he said to me.

After a few moments of crying I felt the pain in my heart go away.......I couldn't feel anything....

*Timeskip To The Next Day*

Your POV:

I'm gonna do it. I thought to myself as I stood proudly at the other end of the playground. I made my way to the red haired boy and smiled a small smile. "Hi." He glared at me as I walked towards him which confused me. "What do you want?" He asked in a mean tone. "What's your name?" I asked, ignoring the question and sat on the swing beside him. "Gaara." He said in a slow, low voice as if he was suspicious of me. I smiled at him again. "My name's (y/n)." I gave him my brightest smile to cheer him up. He looked at me hesitantly before looking away as if he was refusing to show any emotion. "Okay, well, I just wanted to come over here and ask you a question..." I said nervously. My voice lowering. "What?" He asked in a tone as if he wanted to end this conversation quickly. I smiled again building my confidence up as much as I could.

"W-Well, I was wondering would want to be my friend...?" I asked hesitantly. He opened his eyes in surprise of my question and turned his head to me. "R-Really?" He asked. "Yeah!" I said enthusiastically. He forced a small smile onto his face. "Y-Yeah, we can be friends." I was so happy.

We started swinging back and forth until a group of boys came up to us. "Hey look, it's that freak, and he's friends with that other freak!" The main boy of the group shouted. I've been called a freak many times before and it never fails to make me feel lower than ever. I frowned and saw Gaara frown also. I felt angered that they made Gaara feel bad. He's my friend. And as I said, I would never want anyone to feel the way I do. I glared at the boys. "Hey! Leave him alone!" I barked at them. They all looked at me and laughed. "And what about you?" He asked. "Do whatever you want to me, just don't mess with him!" I growled and pointed to Gaara protectively. "Yeah, whatever. Just keep your animal under control next time he loses it." He said before turning to walk off. But before he could take a step in the other direction I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

"What did you say?" I asked in a dark tone. My eyes swelling thick tears of red liquid known as blood from hatred. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know why my eyes bleed when I'm angry or sad. It just happens. I also think it's one reason why my parents beat on me so much. "I said, "keep your animal under control next time he looses it." I glared daggers at him and my fist landed in his face as I screamed at him in anger, making him fall to the ground and clutch his nose in pain. Teachers came quickly and helped the kid. As for me, I was sent home to be dealt with by my parents. I wish I never hurt that boy to prevent the punishments I was put through at home, though for some reason I don't regret doing it. Maybe it was Gaara... My parents hurt me badly. In every way possible. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

All for Gaara. I felt like I had to protect him. To be with him so he could turn out to be a successful ninja. Though he told me that he felt he didn't have a purpose. I spent every waking moment with him. We were happy, protecting each other from everyone.

He was the only one I cared about. He is the only one I care about.

Gaara's POV:

I thought I lost everything. Mainly my emotions. But, when she asked that question, I felt something....I think I was.....happy? Whatever feeling it was, I loved it. I wanted to feel it more. And I did, as we spoke and hung out more often. We spent everyday together and I didn't ever want her taken away from me.
Well, some pretty strong words from two small 6 year olds, oh well, hope you enjoyed the prologue! Btw I literally tried so hard to get everything from his childhood right so sorry if I missed anything or if anything is incorrect lol XD

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