How you met.

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Bellamy: On the ark.

"Come on Y/N!" Your friends urged, dragging you onto the dance floor. You rolled your eyes at her as you slipped the the mask back onto your head, your other friends joining.

"Im going to go get something to drink!" You yelled over the boom of the music. Your friends nodded as you turned, shoving your way through sweaty, dancing teens.

As you walked to the table, you caught the eye of a younger looking gaurd. He had a decent build, his jaw locked as he quickly looked away from me. His tanned skin showed through the glow from one of the only near by lights, as well as the cute freckles fanning over his cheeks and nose.

You caught him looking at you once again as you poured yourself a drink. Glancing back down at the cup, you heard footsteps nearing. When you looked up, you were met with the freckled face guy.

"Hi. Im Bellamy." He smiled.

"Y/n." You grinned.

Jasper: On the ground.

"Here. I grabbed you some water." You heard as your friend handed you a canteen. You gratefully took it from her as she sat on the log next to you, looking up at Bellamy as he barked orders.

"You know." She began as you took a drink. "He told me to do something earlier, and I was gonna be all like, you're not my dad. But like, we all know he is daddy material." Before you could stop yourself, water sprayed from your mouth along with a loud laugh.

The water flew on the two guys sitting a little ways in front of you, both of them wiping off the water with confused and annoyed expressions. Your eyes widened as you tried not to choke, pushing the bottle towards your friend.

"Oh my god. I am so sorry."

"Nah don't be. Nothing brightens my day like being spit on by a pretty girl." The brunette with goggles strapped to his head chuckled. His friend rolled his eyes at him, the brunette talking again before he could say anything. "Im Jasper, and this is Monty." He said, gesturing between himself and his friend.


Monty: On the ground.

"Y/N! Come here!" Clarke yelled. You quickly walked over to her, stealing a glance at the taller, darker haired guy standing next to her. "We all know you two-" she said, gesturing between the guy and yourself. "Are the smartest in the camp. So I need you two to try and figure out how to reverse engineer these bracelets so we can communicate with the ark."

"Wow. No pressure." You said, laughing sheepishly. The guy glanced down at you, a small smile spreading across his face as Clarke walked away.

"I'm Monty." He smiled.

"Y/N." You smiled. "So, where do we even begin?"

"First, lets try and get a bracelet off without it dying. So thats a task on its own." He said as we started walking towards the dropship, claiming the top level as our own to work.

Murphy: On the ground.

"Murphy, stay with Y/N. She's never been hunting before," Bellamy ordered. "Make sure she doesn't get hurt."

"Great." You muttered, walking ahead without even looking back at Murphy.

"Hey sweetheart. Slow down. It's not like I'm going to hurt you." Murphy chuckled, jogging to catch up.

"Why would I want to stay with you Murphy." You snapped. "Its not like I havent heard things about you."

"Rumors love. Im not as bad as you would think." He said, grabbing your arm and turing you to look at him

"Whats your point?"

"My point is. I think you should at least give me a chance." He said, the smirk appearing on his face.

"Fine. But dont screw this up." You sighed, pulling your arm away and walking with him.

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