♪ Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Jessica and Keara were in a full out war. And when there's a war, there's drama. Everyone in the camp were waiting eagerly for a fight, and a small fight always turns into a brawl between all of us. Soon Chris started to get pissed-

"That was my apple Jessica!" Keara snapped, shooting daggers at Jessica who was swirling the apple around in her hand.

"Exactly," Jessica responded, smirking, "was."

We were all lying out on the lawn for lunch as it was extremely sunny, and we all wanted a tan I guess. And those of us who were already tanned just wanted to watch the drama.

"Jessica." I shook my head in disapproval, "How many times do I have to tell you. Stealing food is off limits, it's not nice."

"I'm not nice." She responded bluntly, and I nodded.

"Fair point, but can't you just steal her nail polish or something? Food is too close to the heart..."

Jessica shot me a lot, and bit into the apple. I sighed in defeat, "Refereeing isn't fun."

"Shut up May." Keara snapped, "You're not funny."

"I beg your pardon!" I gasped and clutched my chest dramatically, falling back onto Chase's lap, "I think she's delusional because we all know I'm fucking hilarious."

Chase poked my cheek in an attempt to find out if I was human or not. "I think she's an alien." He whispered dramatically.

"People tell me that often, you know because I'm so out of this world."

"You stole that line from me." Chase complained, sighing in exasperation.

"It looks better on me though." I grinned, and dodged the handful of grass he threw at me.

"Get a room." Cassie and Melissa snorted at the same time, then high-fived each other. I rolled my eyes at their immaturity, and lay back down on Chase's lap.

"We would get a room, accept then we'd miss all this drama, and you'll all be missing our beautiful presence." Chase explained, and I nodded in agreement.

"I'd miss Chase, not May." Keara intervened, and I pouted.

"I'd miss May not Chase..." Max winked at me, and I clambered over my friends so that I could give him a hug.

"This is why you're my favorite!" I cried, as I hugged him tight.

"Wow, one person likes you May. You should feel accomplished." Keara hissed, and I smile sweetly in response. "Like you never are the first pick, even your parents don't like you."

I laughed coldly, my finger nails were digging into my palm as I tried to control my temper.

"They even liked me better-" Keara gasped, as she felt the cold content being poured over her head. Everyone's eyes widened as we watched Jessica pour Melissa's juice over her head. Melissa stared at the hand which she had once held the drink in, and sighed with a shrug of her shoulders. "At least it was for good use."

I patted Melissa's shoulder in a comforting way, as she mourned for her orange juice, and sat down beside Max. "It will always be remembered as the juice that shut Keara up."

"You absolute cow!" Keara cried, trying to pull her hair away from her face, "My hair!"

"I should've warned you that when you are in a war against Jessica you should always tie your hair up.." Shannon mused, smirking at Keara.

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