Ch. 54 Fighting

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I didn't go see Jake for a couple days. I was far too busy and far too angry. I needed space.

I worked in the emergency room for a majority of the time. They needed help, so I volunteered. I didn't want to deal with Jake. I didn't have the time or heart for that.

I really wasn't beginning to feel too well. I was dizzy, nauseas, my head ached, and I was tired. It all hit me at once and I wasn't happy about it.

"Dr. Hamilton?" Dr. Thomas called.

I looked up. "Yeah?"

"You okay?"

I was sitting at the nurses' station in the emergency room, charting. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be okay?"

"You look off today."

"I'm fine."

"Then, you'll come help me with a patient?"

I nodded. I stood and followed him to a patient.

A middle-aged woman was lying on a stretcher. She looked weak and tired.

He looked at her chart. "Ms. Adams, hi. I'm Dr. Thomas. This is Dr. Hamilton. We'll be taking care of you today. I understand you have some stomach pains."

She nodded and pointed to her left upper quadrant.

He felt her abdomen. He looked at me. "Dr. Hamilton, will you palpate her abdomen?"

I nodded and stepped in. I felt her abdomen. I looked at Dr. Thomas. "Spleen?"

He nodded. "Ms. Adams, I'm going to send you to a scan. Then, we'll go from there."

"Thank you."

He nodded.

I took her to her scans, then I brought her back down to the emergency room. I showed Dr. Thomas the scans.

He nodded and led me back to her room. "Ms. Adams, we're going to take you to the operating room and remove your spleen."

"Do what you have to do," she breathed. "Just make it stop."

We took her to the operating room and scrubbed in while the patient was put to sleep.

We went in the operating room and got gloved and gowned. We got right to work.

Halfway through the operation, I felt immensely dizzy.

"Dr. Hamilton, are you okay?" a nurse asked.

I nodded. "I'm fine." I looked at the patient. Mind over matter. I just had to get through another half an hour or so.

After a few minutes, I knew I couldn't do it. I needed a minute. I met eyes with an intern.

He stepped over. "Dr. Hamilton, may I hold the retractor?"

"What? No," Dr. Thomas spoke.

He looked at him. "Sir, I'd like the opportunity."

"No, Dr. Hamilton isn't moving."

I lasted a few minutes longer. I closed my eyes and felt myself sway.

"Dr. Hamilton?"

I went down.

By the time I hit the floor, I was back with it. Kind of.

"Someone get her a chair!" Dr. Thomas shouted.

I felt someone pull me in a chair.

A nurse dabbed a cloth to my forehead. "Doctor? Dr. Hamilton, can you hear me?"

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