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Pen Your Pride

Preference: You Tell Him Your Pregnant

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MB Imagines

You Tell Him Your Pregnant (And the Baby DOESN'T DIE :)):


You got "Think Positive" greeting cards, and tied the pregnancy test to it. Your sister came over for dinner that day, so both of the most important people in your life got to see the results.

"Yes!" Princeton cheered,"We're having a baby boy!"

"How do you know that we're having a boy?" You cocked an eyebrow.

"You gotta have a boy first. That way, if I'm not there, THEY can beat up the boyfriends."

Roc Royal:

"Your turn." Roc pushed the Scrabble game board towards you.

You got to work. When you were done, you turned the board to him.

"I'm pregnant." He read.

"I'M PREGNANT?" He repeated, this time with much enthusiasm.

"I'm pregnant!" You beamed, and your husband attacked you in a hug.

Ray Ray:

It was Ray's birthday, and you went out to buy him a pair of Jordan's. You also bought a pair in a baby size.

"These are for you!" You said, handing one box to Ray.

"Thanks babe!" He hugged you.

"And these-" you pulled out the other box,"Are for our baby!"

It took him a second to realize what you were saying. When he finally did, though, he enveloped you in a hug.

"Best birthday present ever!" He kissed your head.

DJ Big Deal:

"Look, My! I taught him a few new tricks!" You said, gesturing to your dog.

"Where's the phone?" The dog picked up your cellphone and brought it to you.

"Where's the hat?" The dog went and stole the SnapBack you had laid out on the table.

"Good boy! Now, last one- Where's the baby?"

The dog rested his paws on your stomach.

Myles' eyes grew wide.

"We're pregnant!" He screamed.


You went to the first drawer of Prod's dresser and filled it with diapers and baby clothes.

"Babe, why are all these baby things in my dresser?" He asked once he came home from the studio.

"Make room, Daddy! He's moving in!" You patted your stomach as you prepared dinner.

"Ahh! Daddy?!" He ran up to you and started kissing your stomach.

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