Chapter 6: The Idea

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       Once he pulled away, he had a look on his face. A look that said he'd had an idea.

"Or we could run." He said.


"Run. We could leave. Just you and me. Together. We could go live in the human world or near my family or anywhere you want. Let's just leave."

"What about Lissa?"

"You could tell her and you know she'd want you to be happy."

"You love guarding."

"I love you more. I bet I'd find a job if we went into the human world. Rose, please. We can't be here like this. We'll be under scrutiny, there'll be rumors. I'm tired of having to hide everything. You'll be eighteen soon and we can be happy."

"As soon as I'm eighteen." I promised.


"Of course. I love you." The brightest smile spread over his face.

"I love you too." I smiled back and giggled as he peppered my face in kisses.

"There's no turning back after this. We have to do this." I said. He smiled again.

"Of course. Let's get this planned out." 

              We had it all planned with a month until my birthday. March 25. The week before my birthday, the school was attacked by strigoi. Thankfully, Dimitri and Lissa were fine. Lissa. Ugh, I had told her about the plan and she was pissed. Apparently, I'm dead to her now. Dimitri and I had filled out the papers: me to drop out, him to resign. My parents had been furious, but understood. My dad had even promised to help us get a house and stuff. We decided to live in Baia, near Dimitri's family. That's where we're heading now.

"Do you regret leaving?" Dimitri asked.

"No. Do you?" I asked in reply.

"Of course not. And my family can't wait to meet you." He said between kisses.

"Think they'll like me?" My voice sounded worried, but maybe that was just shakiness from lack of oxygen.

"I think they'll love you. I know I do."

"You'd better." He smiled and looked out the window. The plane was landing.

"I'm teaching you Russian, by the way." He informed teasingly.


"I doubt many know how to speak English in Baia. You'll love the house Abe had built. It's beautiful."

"What color?" I asked, pulling on my coat. Dimitri wanted to keep it a surprise from me but I was curious.

"Pale yellow." I nodded as he took my hand, running his thumb over the engagement ring he'd managed to get me. It was a single, large diamond in the middle and a gold band.

"Are you ready?" He asked as we stepped down the stairs of the plane.

"Yeah." He grinned and scanned the crowded room. Soon, his eyes fell on a sign in Russian. It was held by a pregnant girl.

"That's Sonya. The other one holding the English sign is Karolina. The two kids are hers." I nodded before he walked to them, wide smile on his face.

"Do you want me to get our bags while you catch up?" I asked Dimitri.

"Nah, let's go." His sisters and him talked in Russian as we got our bags.

"She's prettier than you said." Another girl said.

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