Rough Nialler dirty imagine

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You just got home from the gym. You go into your flat complex and go to your flat. You share it with your boyfriend of 9 month Niall James Horan, yes Niall from one direction.

You walk into the flat and throw your keys on the table and kick your shoes off. "Niall babe you home?" you ask walking into the kitchen getting a bottle of water from the fridge. "nialler?" you ask looking around. You place the water on the counter and walk upstairs, "Niall?" you say opening the door. You see handcuffs on the bed along with a dildo and vibrator.

You giggle and then feel hands grab your waist as you scream, Niall slams you against the wall. "Jesus Christ you scared the shit outta me!" you gasp, Niall just stares into your eyes, his light blue eyes now dark filled with lust.

"do I not get a hello?" you giggle "hi!" he says and slams his lips against yours, you realize he is completely naked, your just wearing some spandex shorts a sports bra and a hoodie. Niall quickly breaks the kiss as he yanks your hoodie and bra off.

He cups your boobs and starts pinching your nipples and sucking them. "MMMHHH Ni!" you moan, he stops and slides your shorts and undies off. He turns you around and shows you what's on the bed. "see that?" he whispers seductively in your ear, you bite your lip and nod. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard with that!" he chuckles.

He pushes you onto the bed and you get against the headboard. Niall grips your jaw and you gulp, he smiles and kisses you roughly.

You slide your fingers through his hair, he slaps your arm away and puts the behind your head and grab the handcuffs. You are quickly handcuffed to the headboard.

"you will not speak, you will not make noise, you will not be in control, and you will most of all do everything I say!" he smirks as he slides one finger in you. You nod and bite your lip.

He winks at you and quickly grabs the vibrator, you love it when he is rough, the way he talks dirty to you and just the way he is! "ready?" he asks and you nod.

He flips the switch to the vibrator and you see the top shake and here it vibrate, he smiles before kissing your clit and licking you.

He places the vibrator against your clit, you squirm as he hits the nub perfectly. "no! Stay where you are!" he grunts holding your hips down. "dirty girl, you like it when I use this vibrator on you huh?" you try to hold back a whimper but it slips out, "I SAID NO! NOISE!" he snaps in your face, "5 seconds to make noise, then you stop ok?" he says.

You nod "alright go!" "FUCK NIALL FUCK ME SO HARD I LOVE IT WHN YOUR ROUGH!" you scream and he hushes you by slamming his hand against your mouth. "you want me to fuck you?" he smirks and you nod and whimper, "I'm not, this dildo is!" he smirks and throws the vibrator at the end of the bed.

He pulls you close to him and he slides the dildo in you. You clench your knuckles and curl your toes trying not to make noise. "ok I can't stand to see you struggle just make noise!" he says "OH FUUUUUCK NIALL!" you moan.

He moves the dildo in different ways, side to side, up and down twirling twisting, all ways to pleasure you. "NIALL!!!" you scream. "want double the pleasure?" he chuckles, you nod. "beg baby!" he smirks "NIALL PLEASE OH FUCK PLEASE!" you cry. He chuckles and grabs the vibrator and places it on your nub. "DAMMIT NIALL!" you cry.

"you like it so much don't you!" he smiles "FUCK I WANT YOU IN ME!" you scream, he just rolls his eyes and sets the vibrator to a higher setting. "OH SHIT! HOLY FUCK NIALL IM GONNA CUM!" you scream "cum for me baby!" he says and he kisses your thighs "OH FUCK NIIIAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!" you scream as your toes curl and you tighten around the dildo.

He takes the dildo out and turns off the vibrator. He touches your clit and you flinch a little as it is sensitive at the touch.

He starts to rub his shaft and he slaps it against your entrance. "I'm gonna fuck you like there is no tomorrow!" he laughs and he slams into you. "NIALL!" you moan as he thrusts harder and harder into you. Your skin slapping together and his balls hitting your bum. "oh FUUUUUCK! (y/n) you feel so good baby OH MY GOD!" he groans.

"NIALL I WANT THESE HANDCUFFS OFF PLEASE!" you cry, "NOT NOW!" he growls "NIALL!" you scream. "FINE!" he shouts and pulls out and quickly takes them off.

"face down ass up!" he says slapping your ass making you go faster. You get into position and he slams into you. "o-oh god N-N-NIALL!" you scream "FUCK BABY!" he moans, you move down just a bit and he hits your g-spot in the perfect way "OH GOD YES YES YES NIALL RIGHT THERE OH GOD!" you scream "fuck yeah! You like that?" he asks spanking you, "OH GOD IM CUMMING!" you moan "HOLD IT!"

"OOOOOOOOH SHIT!" he moans as he becomes sloppier, "NIALL I NEED TO CUM OH GOD!" you scream "NOW NOW NOW!" he says as you both climax together. You collapse on the bed and stare at the ceiling. "I still have to take a shower..." you say "well I do too!" he chuckles "you thinking what I'm thinking?" you smirk "ROUND TWO SHOWER NOW!" he says pulling you off the bed.

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