Chapter 1

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Moving in - Clock and Balloon

Yelling in frustration, Nikolas threw the lamp at the wall with ragged breathing. He couldn't take it anymore, the place he called his house was full of memories of what he had lost and could never have again. Not even his money, which many would kill for to have instead of him, could make it better. He wanted, he truly wanted to be able to change it all for another chance to apologize and have her back. And this house... It's like she was everywhere!

The living room - her singing. Kitchen - her cooking skills. Bedroom - her sleeping form. Playroom - her naked body writhing from under her. Garden - her calm and composedured walking form. Penthouse - their first night together. Even in his own company, he couldn't be at peace for the pieces of his past haunted him. Blaming himself. All those memories he had with her were killing him.

And with all those, there was her pregnant belly. His baby, his child. She was pregnant with his daughter. And now, now she was dead. Why? Because he was a possessive, drunk idiot who couldn't keep his tongue where it belonged. She ran and got in a car accident. None of his two girls survived.

"Fuck this all!" he screamed again as he flipped the glass table sending it flying across the room. He couldn't stay here anymore, not after the amount of torment he's been feeling.
He couldn't go to his penthouse; the memories were there too. He hadn't stepped in there in the past three months, and, truth to be told, he wasn't sure that he could still do it.

His father and other parts of the family were out of the picture. The wounds were still there, still fresh. He couldn't talk about it, and they'd certainly try to make him talk about them. What then? New house? Nah, he had more thaen enough already. Other country? Impossible, he was the CEO, he was needed here at the main branch of his company. Maybe something simpler? Something where he'd change his life completely?

He'll pretend that he's not rich, and for that he'd need some more simple car. Done, he'll find something. Maybe he'll actually take a free month or two from the company? He'll leave his father to deal with it. He'll try not to drink anything during that time, too. It's going to be a challenge, but had determination by his side. Home? Some flat or apartment? Yeah, that could work. Family? Daniel is more than qualified to deal with it with the help of Edward.

He'll even change his name if he needsed to.

Maybe, after all is done and those two months pass, he'll be a new person. He'll be able to leave his past behind. He was still just thirty. Something good ought to happen to him too, right? He too can have his own, personal happiness.

Looking around the room, he found his phone before dialing his best friend's, Daniel's, number and waited for him to pick up. On the third ring, he heard him answering.

"You do realize that it's 2 a.m, right?" the voice on the other line asked and Nikolas chuckled.

"Since you haven't replied that fast, I can guess that you weren't sleeping either," he explained hearing Daniel groan.

"That doesn't mean that you can call me this late," the raspy voice said and Nik sighed.

"I'm moving out," he finally said and there was a short pause on the other side before Daniel spoke.

"That's great, which house? And you could have told me that tomorrow, you move in faster than I lose my shoes, bro," he spoke, "And that says a lot."

"I know, but I need you to find me some suitable... No, wait. I need you to help me look for some apartment, something normal." Nik explained and there was short pause again.

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