Epilogue: No Regrets About Anything

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Epilogue: No Regrets About Anything

Over the course of life, a vast range of different people are met; most are a mixture of both "good" and "bad." Sometimes, though, you meet someone considered "weird" by the majority of society. Maybe they have panic attack on a regular basis, like to draw, are dating someone most don't approve of, find consolation in writing, or aren't into the concept of "socializing."

      Sometimes, these "weird" people, however, somehow manage to cope with the civilization around them, and do as they please. Sometimes, they graduate from a prestigious high school, only to attend an even more prominent college. Sometimes, they only get into the college because both sets of their grandparents donated quite a bit of money, making sure that the admissions people knew whom their grandchild was. Sometimes, that college happens to be the elite Ivy League institution of Harvard University.

      In this particular case of the "weird" person (well, girl, really), Harvard wasn't her first choice. It wasn't even her last choice. Harvard wasn't even on the list of colleges she wanted to look at. And yet, somehow, despite her sucky grades with only an A from all four years of English and a record of attending the principal's office longer than the Mississippi river, she still got into Harvard. Why she went was the question that tended to always surface in her mind. She didn't really want to be there, but it was close to home, she had finally succumbed to the pressure of her parents, and her boyfriend happened to go to school in the same city.

      Her boyfriend. His name was Luke Daniels. He had the whole "bad" boy look going on with the closet full of leather jackets, old jeans, and worn Converse. The weird girl and Luke had met towards middle of her junior year in high school and his senior year. After months of being friends, they somehow transformed into something more. They were now dating, and had been for a little over two years. They made a "strange" couple, but seemed to like each other, nonetheless.

      Luke had finally professed his love for the girl after about six months of dating, and she returned the simple phrase of, "I love you too," in response to him. They were happily wreaking havoc at their respective colleges, and also obtaining world-class educations simultaneously. As often as they could, they would see each other. It was a sweet love story with its bumps along the way, but what love story didn't have the occasional brother on-house-arrest or best friend serial-dating-scare?

      Luke had a brother. His name was Ben. Ben Daniels. Ben happened to get into a bit of trouble with the law, being accused for murder. It was complex misunderstanding, for Ben happened to be innocent. The "weird" girl's mother helped clear his name, actually. Months after the initial trial, Ben was free to live his life how he pleased, and the true criminal was brought to justice.

      As for the "weird" girl's best friend (one of them, at least), well, her name was Piper Kent. She had a twin brother named Preston, but he was irrelevant for the duration of this paragraph. Piper had been happily dating Matt Something for almost as long as Luke and the "weird" girl had been together, and was genuinely happy with her life. Instead of college, she had gone down the route of modeling, and moved out to LA with Matt, pursuing her dream. Her mother was completely supportive, while her father had his doubts. Piper was happy, though, which was all that counted.

      And then there was Piper's twin. Preston. He was also one of the "weird" girl's best friends, but unlike his sister, had stuck to a formal education. Currently, he was attending the gloriously random University of Alabama for whatever reason. Maybe he was there on a whim, or maybe he just wanted a change in scenery. Why he was there was a mystery that not even the "weird" girl or Piper knew, but he was happy. He had taken up a few sports at the southern school known for partying, and seemed to be enjoying himself. His major had yet to be decided, but in the back of his mind, he knew that it would be business, for he would just take the easy way out of life and take over his father's company one day.

      Piper and Preston had both been relatively supportive of the "weird" girl's relationship with Luke Daniels, though Preston was a harder sell. He was protective of the "weird" girl, for she was practically his sister. Preston didn't want her dating just anyone, but soon discovered that Luke made her happy, so reluctantly settled for the "bad" boy who went to MIT and was studying to be an engineer of sorts. Piper, on the other hand, couldn't have been more thrilled for the "weird" girl.

      In regards to the parents of the "weird" girl, well, they were doing just fine. Elle and Nick Ross. The lawyer and the doctor. Both Harvard grads, and thrilled beyond anything else in the world that their daughter, the "weird" girl, had somehow landed upon their alma mater as her school choice. Nick was starting to get gray hair, so tried every program known to man (and woman) to rid him of the ultimate sign of aging. He had also bought a new ski house in Colorado, and was happily preforming surgeries as one of the most respected doctors in his field. Elle was doing more pro bono work at her law firm, and had stayed clear of any homicide cases, for she much preferred corporate law. They were both content, and glad that their "weird" daughter was finally living life and out of the house.

      As for the "weird" girl herself, well, she was at Harvard, dating her "bad" boy, and was done with the idiotic hypocrisy of high school. Also, she couldn't even remember the last time that she suffered a panic attack. Yeah, she was doing pretty well. Like her dear friend Preston, she had yet to elect a major, though was leaning towards literature, maybe to become a novelist of some kind. Perhaps she would write picture books for children, combining her two loves—drawing and writing.

      She had convinced her boyfriend, Luke Daniels, to finally quit smoking after showing him a few too many informational videos about how cigarettes could kill him. He got the message, got scared, and got rid of all the cigarettes he owned. Her last year of high school had been a bit of a challenge without Luke, but she had Piper and Preston, and Luke popped in once a week to visit his girl and his old high school, so it was tolerable. Everything in her life was falling into place just as she wanted it to. I, Olivia Ross—the "weird" girl, was happy with how my life was turning out, and had no regrets about anything. This was my life, and I liked it the way it was: "weird," just like me.

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