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"He's been these situations for a while so I think he'd be okay."

"Yeah but he has always had a bad temper."

"That's true but I told him I wasn't babysitting him."

"He should listen but only if Theo doesn't bring up Hayden. Theo knows that is Liam's weakness."

"I'm already feeling like bringing him was a bad idea. I mean I know he has gotten better and is trying but I need to focus on Kira not him."

"I'll help keep him in line. Should I call Stiles and tell him where we are?"

"I guess that's a good idea. I forgot to call him."

"That's okay I'm sure he will understand but he might be mad we brought the puppy and not him."

"Oh definitely."

(3 hours later)

Scott is still driving and everyone is sleeping. He feels tired himself but he has to keep driving because he has to get Kira.

"Hey Scott." Malia taps him


"Theo is awake."

"You can't let me surprise Scotty."

"Ugh do you have to be this annoying?"

"I don't think I'm annoying, I think I add a certain charm to your lives."

"Theo I would kill you if Scott let us kill people."

Theo laughs "You guys would miss me."

"So what did the skinwalkers want with Kira?"

"They think she would make a good skinwalker I guess? I didn't really understand their words."

"So you helped them without knowing what they actually wanted?" Scott glances at Theo from the rearview mirror

"I mean I guess so."

"What do you want from Kira anyways?"

"He is in love with her."

"Why do you people keep saying that?"

"Because we know it's true."

"Why would I be in love with her?"

"Because friends with benefits never work. It's honestly the dumbest thing people could do."

"It worked for us."

"Hey watch it."

"Are you mad? She initiated it and she's hot so I went along with it."

"Do you want me to beat your ass again?"

"Alright, alright message received."

"So we established that you love her but if that's true why would you help the skinwalkers hurt her?"

"It doesn't matter. I'm helping you guys get her and questions were not part of this deal."

"Okay. Scott do you want me to drive?"

"Uh no I've got it."

"Yeah I rather not die from bad driving."

"Seriously guys, I'm not a bad driver anymore."

"Malia you hit a stop sign last week."

"I don't understand why they put a stop sign there."

"I could drive."

"Yeah I don't trust you at all, let alone to drive a car."

"Wake up Liam, he could drive."

"That's true; I'll switch off with them in a hour."

"How much longer is this trip?"

"You trusted skinwalkers when you have never been to their territory?"

"Have any of you?"

"Yeah sort of."

"Then why am I here?"

"We need you to pretend to be allies with the skinwalkers."

"I'm not good at pretending."

"Can I knock him out?"


"Hey hey let's not do that."

Liam stirs "Did I miss the rescue?"

"No we aren't there."

"How long is this trip?"

"Umm 14 hours but we have 4 hours down so only... ten more to go."

Malia groans "Kira is so lucky, she's my best friend because 14 hours with Theo."

"Don't forget the way back." Theo adds

Everyone else is quiet.

"Oh no you guys arenot leaving me there with skinwalkers."

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