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*38 weeks pregnant*


*Anabelle's POV*

"What's left to buy?" Sean questioned, setting down four different bags of chips into the shopping cart. "Uh.." I looked down at the list. "We have to buy soda, juice and two packs of water bottles. Also two cheese and meat platters. Oh and some fruits too."

"Okay. Let's get the drinks first," Sean said, pushing the cart, leaving the chips and snacks aisle. We walked to the next aisle over which contained the sodas, juices and water bottles.

I grabbed several liters of sodas and put them in the cart. I grabbed three gallons of Hawaiian Punch, while Sean grabbed the two packs of water bottles, setting them down on the rack under the cart. I placed the gallons in the cart next to the sodas.

"Okay, the let's grab the cheese and meat platters and then head over to the produce section," I told him as we began leaving the soda aisle.

"How many people are going to be at this birthday slash going away party?" Sean questioned as we stopped walking. I grabbed the cheese and meat platters and set them down in the cart.

"Not sure on the exact amount but I know there is going to be lots of people," I answered. "Should I grab another platter just in case?"

"Yeah." I grabbed another platter and set it down in the cart. We continued walking to the produce section. We arrived at the produce section and I grabbed a few bags of sliced apples, three packs of strawberries, and several packs of assorted fruits. I set them down in the cart and looked back down at the list.

"Oh shoot! I forgot to get the dips for the chips, the cups and the plates." I looked down in the cart as I began moving things around, checking again to see if we had those things.

"I'll go get them. You can go start checking out, I'll be right back." I nodded as he began jogging back to get the missing items. I pushed the cart towards the self-checkout lane.

I got to the self-checkout lane and began to scan the items, placing them in bags. Sean came back a few minutes later with the dips, cups and plates. I took them from his hands and scanned them, placing them into a bag.

Both Sean and I placed all the bags into the cart. I took out my card and swiped it, quickly signing my signature on the small card machine. I grabbed the receipt and put it into my purse.

"Where to now?" Sean asked as we walked out of the grocery store and to the car. "Um, we have to stop by Party City to grab some more decorations. But I'll probably just do that tomorrow morning after I pick up the cake from Harley's Bakery. I'm feeling pretty tired, my feet hurt and I just want to get home."

"Alright. I'll put all the bags in the car. You can go wait for me in the car. Okay?"

"That's fine, I can help."

"No Anabelle, it's fine. You're tired and your feet hurt, I don't want you doing more than you're supposed to. You're supposed to be taking it easy. Remember? Dr. Reynolds said so this morning at the appointment."

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