Chapter 3

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Stiles Pov

I lay awake in my sleeping bag on the ground. "Thomas" I repeat to myself over and over again. It's my name I think to myself but it feels so wrong. I think about today's events.

"What is this place?" I demand looking at the group of teenage boys surrounding me. "The glade, your new home Greenie" says a tall dark skin boy. "I'm Alby and this is Newt." he says pointing to a blonde boy next to him. "What's a glade?" I question confused. "Chuck, show Greenie here around." he says. Then a short chubby boy, who can't be older than 13 appears.

"Chuck.. What's out there?" I ask pointing to the giant opening in the wall. "The maze and you're not allowed to go out there. Only the runners go out there." He states. "Runners?" I say getting confused. "Newt will explain tonight Greenie." he says. "Greenie isn't my name." I say getting annoyed.
"Then what is it you shank?" Chuck asks curiously. I think. What is my name I think. Then I remember. "Thomas" but once I say it, it sounds wrong. "Well Thomas let's go get some food ya shuck." he says walking away.
"Chuck." I say catching up to him, "Why does everyone talking like that?"
"I don't know, only been here a month. Still don't understand everything that's happening here." he says looking sad.

"Com'n Greenie, time for your tour." Newt says grabbing me. "My name's Thomas." I say, it still feels wrong. "Well then come on Tommy I explain the way of the bloody glade to you." he says walking away.

Newt explains everything to me. The maze, the grievers, the runners, the other jobs, the rules, and showed me who some other boys are. What he didn't explain to me is why we're here? Who put us here? Who sent me here? and Who sends the supplies? Newt says he doesn't know, no one does. Everyone shows up the same here with no memory except for their name. Then I remember the other name I remembered. "Newt, Is there a boy name Scott here?" I question. "No, no Scott here. Wait why do you want to know?" he says staring at me. I look down I don't know what to say. "Do you remember something Tommy?" he says looking excited. "No" I lie "I saw the name of walls and was curious." "You're a strange shank Greenie." Newt says looking at the wall. I sigh in relief.

I think about Scott. Who is he? Is he looking for me? Tons of questions run through the my mind. As I fall asleep I say to myself "My names not Thomas" then I fall into sleep.

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