I stood in front of Cisco waiting for him to get a vibe. Cisco took off his glasses "I can't vibe when you guys are watching me". We took a step back and he put his glasses back on. After a few moments he took his glasses back off "I'm not getting anything". "That's weird my powers work here" I said. Then there was a loud boom. We all fell over. And after the ground stopped shaking me and Barry ran out of Star labs. We saw people running, building on fire and people laying in the streets in the middle of it all we saw Zoom. Then I felt something cold hit my face. I fell on the ground shaking. "Skye!" Barry screamed. I looked at the person that hit me and it was Caitlin she didn't look the same.
She had white hair, pale skin and ice was coming from her hands.
"Hello sis" Caitlin said. "Cait what are you doing?" I asked. "Well. Did that fall make you have amnesia you've always hated me and you made sure you showed it everyday. I want you to know I hate you too" Caitlin said. She walked slowly towards me. I backed up until I bumped into something. She put her hands out and was about to hit me when I got up and ran at full speed behind her. I pushed her on the ground. She looked at me. "Your not Skye. Your from earth 1" Caitlin said. "The name is The Dash" I said. I knocked her out with a bar that was on the ground. I looked around and noticed Zoom was gone and so was Barry.

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