Lucy's POV

"So what's it like getting to kiss Ian Harding in like every episode of the show?" asked the interviewer, talking about the show I'm on, Pretty Little Liars. I wriggled on my seat.

"Umm, awkward question." I laughed. "Its funny, because everytime we have a kissing scene, Ian manages to eat the most disgusting food ever like an onion sandwich or something. Its gross." The interviewer laughed.

"So is there any love on the set while filming? Got any juicy gossip about anyone on set for us?" The interviewer, Claire laughed. "We saw a few pictures of your co-stars, Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn getting close. Are they together?"

I shrugged. " I really don't know to be honest. Ashley keeps her love life private." I smiled. " We all love each other on set but not in that kinda way."

"Aww, well thanks for popping by Lucy. Nice to see you again." replied Claire.

"Thank you!" I answered, while standing up and leaving to go film. The interview was on the set so I didn't have to go anywhere. We went to my dressing room to tape it. I walked onto set ready to film my bit with Ian. In this episode it's meant to be our characters anniversary so its gonna be very romantic but awkward. I looked across the room and noticed Ian. I ran over.

"Hey, how did the interview go?" He asked hugging me. He was so warm and had a safe grip. I closed my eyes for a second and remembered his question.

"Good. Ready to film? I asked back, smiling.

"Yep, I'm super tired though!" He said yawning. I pulled my phone out of my pants and checked the time. It said 1:27am. We were all exhausted but had to work till 4 am. I turned my camera on and quickly snapped a picture of me and Ian. I looked at it before posting it online. I laughed and showed Ian the picture. He was in the middle of a yawn. It looked hilarious but cute. I posted it to twitter. I added a caption to the picture saying "On set, as you can see Ian is very tired ! Hahaha!" Just as I locked my phone, Ian wrapped his arms round my neck from behind, put his head on top of mine and hugged me. I loved his hugs. They were always so cosy and warm and he made me feel safe. Maybe a little too safe....I pulled away trying to be polite and pretended to walk over to a seat and practise my lines. He gave me a confused look and came and sat by me.

"You okay?" He questioned, looking me in the eyes. I looked into his green eyes and smiled.

"Yeah, why?" I replied looking down at my script and flicking a few pages.

"I don't know, you pulled away from my hug." He pouted causing me to burst out laughing. He laughed with me for a while until we calmed down and managed to stay quiet as Ashley and Troian were about to film.

As we all sat and watched Ash and Troian mess up and laugh, I kept staring at Ian. The way he laughed, smiled and just watched them was adorable. I started daydreaming about him. Until someone snapped me out of it. I looked up. There was Ashley.

"Luc, you gotta go." said Ashley gesturing towards set.

I walked onto the set and stood in my place. It took us 17 takes to get the scene right because we kept laughing. We got to the 'kissing scene' and managed to get through that in 6 takes. When I kissed him a tingle ran through my body. I started smiling sheepishly. We finally finished the scene and had an hour break. Me, Ian, Ashley and Shay went into Shay's dressing room and all fell asleep. I fell asleep on the couch, curled up with shay by my feet spread out. I turned round half asleep and felt someone arm next to mine. I opened my eyes and saw Ian fast asleep with his arm wrapped round me. I lay my head back onto the pillow and fall back to sleep, smiling.

I awoke by the feeling of someone climbing over me. I open my eyes and see Ian standing up on the couch attempting to climb over me. I laugh quite loud and cover my mouth with my hand. Ian slowly flops back down on the couch and we start talking. As we get into the romance topic I tell Ian my boyfriend broke up with me and he comforts me. He hugs me and as he begins to pull away, he stops half way. We look into each others eyes and he kisses me.......


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