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Chapter three

Asher pulled Raven outside the bar and looked into her eyes. Grimacing he saw they were red and her cheeks were getting hot. “you feeling okay you don’t look well at all sis I think you need to feed” nodding Raven began to choke. Gasping she scanned around and saw an alleyway next to Nicky’s. “over there” dragging her upright he hauled her to the alleyway and leant her against the moss covered wall, she promptly slid down to sit on the floor. pulling her bag to him he pulled out a brush, purse, pepper spray and finally a jar. The jar just happened to be full of bright red blood. Yanking the lid of roughly he pushed it into his sisters hand and made her drink some. First she gagged but the colour started to return to her cheeks and her eyes cleared. “thank you” she handed Asher back the jar with a crimson drop of blood suspended on her bottom lip. Asher returned the jar to the black hole that was his sisters bag and watched her recover herself.

It was only when they turned eighteen that they learned they had powers, it came as such a shock to them they had not believed it. That was until they had set light to a few trees in the forest behind their house by mistake. But they also learned it was because of tests done on them during their mothers pregnancy that caused the powers, but there was one bad flaw, a side effect. Due to the ferocity of the tests they had become more than human, they had become a sort of vampire. If they went too long between feeds they would collapse and go into a coma, leading to a nasty death. that’s why they carried the jar everywhere, In case of emergencies like this one. Looking down at his sister he sighed. They had left their home town after learning about their powers and their condition. But they had also left on a mission. you see before they left their mother had told them of four young people who like them had been born with similar powers. The only problem was she had not known where these people were. so for the past six months they had travelled and searched but with no luck, but Asher believed they could be in luck because he senses this town had a new kind of vibe to it. They had to make friends here to find out information. that’s where Raven came into play, she was the one who made friends easier. She seemed to attract people like some sort of beacon. If only the people they were searching for were here then they could finally go home. That was unless they decided to stay here of course. After all it didn’t seem so bad and Raven seemed to have made a friend in that Aaron, although Asher knew if they did become friends they wouldn’t just stay as friends for long. He smiled down at Raven and the smile he got back in return seemed a bit stronger than before. He felt her forehead. “your feeling a lot better and your eyes have gone back to normal. Can you stand?” Raven pushed herself to her feet and wobbled, bracing herself on the wall behind her she tested her legs. “yeah I think I’m okay now my legs have stopped shaking as well” she sighed deeply and began to cry deep soul wrenching sobs that rocked her body. “when will this end I just want to be normal again Asher. I cant take much more of this I feel like such a freak. Make it stop, please make it stop” Asher hugged his sister tight “we are not freaks” “oh yeah, who else do you know that drinks blood and has powers like we do, I know theirs four more but they’re not vampires.” Asher rocked her gently and stroked her hair “we’re not vampires either Raven” she looked up at him. “we may as well be we have to drink blood don’t we” “yes I admit that but we don’t explode in sunlight, crosses don’t effect us, neither does holy water or garlic. Raven sighed and sat on the wet pavement and laid her head on her hands wearily. “we will always be like this wont we, we will always be cursed” Asher grabbed her hands pulling her to her feet he shook her. “We are NOT cursed, we have powers most people cant even imagine and okay there’s one bad thing but the bad is paired with the good. We are not freaks honey, we are unique and that’s a good thing. There’s only four other people who come close to us and I need you to stay focused and help me to find them. “ I know, I know” “then snap out of your black cloud cause your gonna make It rain” As he said this the heavens opened making them both laugh. the weather did seem to go along with Ravens moods. “see I told you so” Raven hugged her brother “okay genius how do we find these four personas” he grinned wickedly “by doing what you do best” Raven smiled and stood, a hand on her hip and her head tilted in mock curiosity “and what’s that dearest brother?” he wiggled his eyebrows and laughed “by getting friendly with that boy Reid as well as with Aaron. They must both think you don’t like the other, we need to learn stuff from as many people as we can. I have a feeling that Reid and his friends know a lot about what goes on around here.” he grabbed Ravens hand and stared deep into her eyes “are you up to the challenge?” Raven tapped her chin with one delicate nail and pondered on what her dear brother had said. He did have a point she was better at it than him, although he could help she thought to herself slyly. “okay i will do it” Asher clapped with glee “ have to help me. I know that not all Reid’s friends are single, you can almost smell it. So while I charm the guys I need you to do the same with the ladies.” Asher looked like she had just told him she was an alien. “and how on earth do I do that? You know I’m no good at it like you are, I would fail” Raven shook his shoulder. “I will help you, just think if Im charming all the men their ladies will start to feel left out and that could lead to trouble. So you get to be their shoulder to cry on, you comfort them and lavish them with attention. I will help you I promise. So what do you say?” The wind began to blow the rain into them harder making Asher shiver. “yeah it does make more sense that way I suppose, don’t know why I didn’t think of that” Raven smiled “because….” she paused for dramatic effect “.…I am just smarter than you, plain and simple.” the howling wind drowned out her laughter as Asher threw a piece of twig at her in horror. Calmer now they walked and huddled under a tree as the rain was coming down even harder now. “so when do I start on this great plan of yours, tonight or tomorrow? Shouldn’t I be alone with them as I can work my charm better then?” leaves rustled as the wind blew them around the sodden ground. Asher looked at the black sky and sighed. Tonight the moon was glowing brightly as the stars twinkled at him as though sending him a secret message that only he could understand. Inhaling deeply he breathed in the scents on the wind enjoying the scent of the wet grass, the leaved on the trees, the rain in the air..and the blood on Ravens breath. “”tonight if we can, we need to get this ball rolling as soon as possible. I know that its a lot to ask of you but you know I wouldn’t even dream of asking if it wasn’t important. I know that Aaron has left I heard and smelt him leave. So Reid is the only one here so that means there’s no need to worry about getting caught. I will only ask you to do this if you are really ready and up for it though sis” His eyes searched hers as though trying to see the answer somewhere in the depths of her soul. Raven coughed and cleared her throat before answering “sure I feel up to it“ her smile was weak but positive “the sooner we start the sooner we ca go home” she straightened herself out and ran her hands through her barely damp hair, groaning she dug out her ever present hairbrush and dragged it through her tangles, she also reapplied her make-up. Snapping her purse shut she turned to Asher for inspection “there all done and ready for some action” turning to walk back to Nicky’s she stopped suddenly as Asher’s hand grabbed hers halting her steps. A pair of blue eyes looked deep into hers “be careful okay” She hugged him, short and sweet. “I always am” Raven strutted her way into the bar and Asher sighed. Only time would tell if this plan would work.

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