Chapter 17 // Pregnancy Classes

an: i'm not so sure how to feel about this... Anyways... Hope you like it! And sorry for any errors! sheriffstilinski thank you for the idea of Scott and Adrianna at a pregnancy class! ❤️

5 Months Pregnant

"Are you going to tell me who this Michael Lawrence guy is?" Scott asked his girlfriend who was currently sitting down on his couch while eating her 7th bag of lemon lay chips and it was not an exaggeration.

"I told you already, Scott. He's the one who got me pregnant, okay? That's all you need to know about." Adrianna tells him while she had food in her mouth so it had came out all mumbled.

Scott finally stopped pacing around and sat down next to her on the couch while sighing heavily. He bit his bottom lip while he stared at her munching away on the chips. She started to space out a lot while she ate her lays chips.

She ate a lot when she was nervous  and right now she was really really nervous. No kidding she was eating 10 times more then usual since she's also pregnant which was a plus to it.

Scott looked away from her and started to put his attention on the picture frames around his living room.

"Are you jealous?" She asked him when she noticed how he had stayed silent.

"Why wouldn't I be? I mean... he's the father of your baby." Scott trailed off and looked down at his lap.

"Look... Scott. Hey, look at me." She whispered softly and made him look at her by placing her hand on his cheek gently.

His brown eyes showed jealousy and sadness. He was afraid he was going to lose her to whoever this 'Michael' was.

"Michael use to be my boyfriend for a year and 9 months. Yes, he got me pregnant on the night of my birthday and yes I loved him so much but Scott... He left me. He abandoned me with his kid and I just somehow bumped into you. I'm so in love with you, Scott. But I knew from the start that I was going to fall in love with you and I was correct. I love you, Scott McCall." She ranted as she smiled at him.

"I love you, too."

"The real question now is... What the hell is he?" She asked him as she leaned her head against his shoulder while he wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

"I don't know but whatever he is is the cause of why you're worth 50 million dollars. My baby is something supernatural... because of him." Scott growled angrily but he didn't understand why he would be mad at the fact that the baby was supernatural because if he would have been the biological father then the babe would have been supernatural either way.

"And whatever he is might be something powerful because he's worth 80 million."  She whispered as she thought about it and got chills running down her back.

"Don't worry, princess. I'll protect you both." He whispered and kissed her forehead causing her to smile at the romantic gesture.

"I know. I don't doubt you at all." She mutters back and that's how she had fallen asleep on Scott with her bag of chips on her lap.


"Time to wake up, sleeping beauty." Kira whispered softly into Adrianna's ear while she stirred slightly.

She was currently in her bedroom. The night she fell asleep on Scott, he had taken her to her house and then left her there for the night because he had decided to go off and do something for her.

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