Chapter 28

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(Anna's P.O.V) 

I wake up in Nate's arms and look around. I grab my phone and check the time, 12:34. Well I did fall asleep at 5:23 and I guess Nate fell asleep with me. I notice what today is, it's valentines day morning and I get to spend it with Nate. Nate is still sleeping so I get up and I hear him start waking up. "Anna don't get up." He says with a sleepy voice. "I am going to my room." I say. "You don't like it here with me?" He says sitting up. "I like my bed." I say walking to my room. "Don't leave me alone." He says following me. "Then you can come to." I say staring to walk backwards so I could see him. I bump in to a door, must be mine so I open it and walk in. "Anna wait!" I hear Nate say. When I walk in a rush of cold air passes by, This is not my room. It's his old room, Hunters. No one has been in this room for a long time now. I stand there and I feel my tears fall down my face. I turn around and see Nate standing in the hallway looking at me. "Anna?" He says. I look at him then close the door and lock it. "Anna please!" I hear him say. I look around his room, His shelf with his random nerdy stuff. His computer still on, his bed all a mess. I miss him so much I want him back! I sit on the floor and start crying, "Anna please open the door!" I hear Nate say he sounds like he is going to cry. I ignore him and keep crying, I notice something sticking out of his desk draw. I get up and pick it up, it's a note to him self he always left him self little notes to remind him to do something. I walk over and pick it up to read it. 'I still feel bad for lying to Anna and Nate, they love each other a lot but I don't want to lose her yet. She is the only family I have left I don't want anything to happen to her, I love her a lot. If one day she ever has to live with out me I want Nate to take care of her.She's my little sister I love her and I know Nate dose to. I'll never let her go...' I sit on the floor and start crying even more, "ANNA!" I hear Nate yell crying. I feel so bad for doing this to him, but I want to be alone. 

After 30 minuets of my crying and  being alone and Nate yelling to get in the house gets quite. I fold up the note and take put my phone and take off the case. I lay the folded up note on the back of it and put the case back on. I walk to the door and open it and see Nate asleep against the wall. I look at his face and see his cheeks stained with tears. I put my hand on his forehead and he is burning from crying. "I am so sorry." I whisper to my self. Nate starts to open his eyes and looks at me, "Anna!" He says then hugs me. "Nate I am sorry for locking you out." I say hugging him back. "I was so worried about you." He says and I hear him start crying again. "I am so sorry." I say looking at him. "Please don't do that again...." He says looking at me with more tears coming out of his eyes. I put my hand on his cheeks and wipe away his tears with my thumb."I won't ever, I am sorry." I say. He smiles and puts his on my hands, "I love you." He says. "I love you to." I say then kiss him and he kisses back. Nate pulls back and rest his forehead on mine, "You make me happy." He says smiling. I smile then wrap my arms around his neck, "I love you." I say. He wraps his arms around my and I hear him laugh. "So what do you want to do?" I ask sitting back in front of him. "Hum. Wait it's valentines day! I want to take you out tonight." He says standing up then holds out his hand. "Your to sweet." I say taking his hand and he helps me up. "Anything for my love." He says. "For now lets watch a movie and get a bit of rest." I say walking to the living room. I sit on the couch and Nate comes and sits next to me. "Nate?" I say looking at him. He looks at me and he still has tears in his eyes. "Yeah?" He asks. I take my sleeve and dry his tears from his face, He looks at me and wipes my cheeks with his jacket sleeve. "Thanks." I say kisses his cheek.

 I lay my head on his shoulder and fall asleep, I stay asleep for a few hours before waking up. "Nate?" I say looking around for him. I check the time it's 5:56 I must have been asleep for a long time. I see a note on the coffee table, I pick up. 'Anna, Go get ready and meet me out side at 8. Love, Nate <3' I smile and walk up to my room and get ready, After a few hours I get done. I am wearing a mint dress with black legging under them and some black flats. My hair was down in curls and some light pink lip gloss. I look at the time 7:59, good not late. I walk outside and see Nate standing by the car in a tux with his hair swept to the side. I walk over to him and he smiles with his big bright smile. "You look amazing!" He says. "You don't look to bad yourself Nathan." I say smiling. He opens the door on the passenger side and I get in. He closes the door then walks around to the drivers seat and sits down. "So where we going?" I ask him. "You will see." He says starting the car. After around 20 minuets of driving he stops at the park. He gets out and opens my door, "Thank you Nathan." I say getting out. "Why do you keep saying Nathan?" He asks closing the door. "Because it's your full name." I say standing by a tree. "But you never called me it till now." He says walking up to me. "True, But I love your name." I say looking at him. "Fair point my love." he says taking my hand. "So what are we doing here?" I ask holding his hand. "This spot I love it." He says. "This is the spot you asked me out." I say smiling. "Yup, the day I fist kissed you." He says looking at me. "I love you." I say. "I love you to." he says. Nate lead me to a blanket in the middle of the grass. We lay down and look up at the stars, I lay my head on his shoulder and he warps his arm around me. "It's so beautiful outside." I say. "Yeah it is." He says. I close my eyes and fall asleep, "Go to sleep Anna, I got you." Nate says. "I love you." I mumble before falling asleep. I love Nate a lot, But what happen when we have to go to collage? He want to stay here in Florida but my collage is in Tokyo. I don't want to be away from him ever, But what is more important to me? I need to chose and fast we graduate in 3 months.... I just don't want Nate to be hurt.....


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