Chapter 3: The Meeting

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The walk there was short, but felt like an eternity. I was so nervous for our second meeting. Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine this happening. I reached the building and made my way up the elevator, my heart and meat monster both throbbing more and more with each floor we passed. The elevator rang loud and opened her doors like a white girl's legs on prom night. I forced myself to walk down the hall. My legs were heavy, fighting me against every step. I looked at my phone, 7:58pm. Just in time. I knocked gently on the penthouse door. The door creaked open and there he was, handsome as ever, like a giant melting fat carrot with fake hair. He was wearing a gorgeous suit. "You look good" he said, as I entered the room. He locked the door behind me and asked if I wanted to take a seat. "Why did you ask me here?" I said as I sat down. "You know why I asked you here." He said as he brushed his hand against my cheek, leaving a stream of self tanner dripping down me. He sat beside me and put his hand on my thigh, caressing me up and down. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to ride the elevator to the top of his Trump Tower. He moved closer, putting his cold, dead lips on my neck. I shivered with excitement. His hands felt like an old dried out gingerbread house. I was in love. "I should tell you something" he breathed onto my neck. "Tell me later" I said as I reached for his pants. "Fine, but close your eyes" he said. I was reluctant, but obedient. I unzipped his pants and touched his cold, scaly thighs. I opened my eyes as I grabbed his thick, long... TAIL? WHAT?

DONALD TRUMP IS A FUCKING REPTILIAN! I screamed and let go of his tail. His neck flared up like that dinosaur on Jurassic Park, you know which one I mean. He hissed and leapt for the window. Leaving behind nothing but broken glass, and shattered hearts. 

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