My Unforgettable Experience

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Everyone of us have the most unforgettable or memorable experience in life, in family, in school, in loved ones or special someone. But for me one of my most memorable experience is my HighSchool life.

Because for me it is not only a HighSchool life that we go to school everyday and study the lesson and reporting, but like a fieldtrip that full of fun and happiness that we go everyday and see each other and never forget. And should i say "memories never die", not only for me, but for all of my  classmates that i still treasure. Because now i can say that many of us, we know the different characteristics and attitude. And it comes the time that we cry, we laugh, we go anywhere, and a lot of memories was build. 

I always remember my High School life since 2nd year and 3rd year, and for me this is the best year of my HighSchool, because we have the time that after class we play games in School ground like "patintero", hide and seek. And it comes the time that we cry, we laugh, we go anywhere, and build a lot of memories even though sometimes we fight for a nonsense reason and a little misunderstanding.

But when we turned in 4th year, we realize that friendship is one we treasure most. Because friend is the one with your side when you feel lose hope, they motivate you to be strong again. And at that time i can say that i have a bestfriend, not only one but seven best of friends that will stay with no matter what situation. Also for me they not only friends, but also a Family that you can share your problems., and be your sisters and brothers. 

And before we graduate in highschool, we promise that even we are now in college degree, no matter will happen we will still friends and bestfriends, and even we encounter new friends and classmates we never forget each other and our highschool lives and experiences.

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