Part 2 - His Name

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"They'll be here any moment. You guys need to stop kidding around!" My mom whisper-shouted at me and Andrew as I held his notebook above my head on the couch.

"Mom, it's fine. It's not like they're rich or anything."


"It doesn't matter. They're family friends. Plus, if I don't bother Andrew what'll he have to look forward to at home? You and Dad?" When the words left my mouth I immediately regretted them. My father claimed he couldn't make it back for the dinner tonight and that he was still stuck in New York.  "I'm sorry, Mom...I wasn't trying to-"

"Whatever just...go make the table and give your brother his notebook back. He's teaching himself Korean."

"Oh," I said, handing him the notebook. "Impressive." I headed to the dinning room and started to set the table. When I was done it was set for at least eight people. As time passed my brain and my heart started to realize at the same time that this was actually happening. My life long crush was actually coming to my house. Where I could actually stare at him for longer than 15 minutes. I started to drift to the door as the doorbell rang and when I got there he was standing there next to another guy. This guy was younger, but almost as tall. Definitely as skinny. Lighter complexion, but dark hair and sexy lips. He was like the younger version of Kadri.

"Lila!" Younger Kadri shouted when he spotted me and wrapped his arms around me in a flash. I blinked as he pulled away and peered curiously into his face.

"Yup..." I said awkwardly. I didn't want him to know that I had no idea who he was. "Hey, you."

"I hope you guys don't mind I invited him. I just know you two know each other so I figured..." Kadri said, and I cleared my throat, lowering my eyes from his beautiful face, trying not to make it obvious I was hanging off of his every word. 

"It's no problem. But um, dinner will be ready in an hour or two so...after my daughter gives you gentlemen a tour of the house she'll show you the greatest TV ever in the living room." Her sarcasm bounced off the walls. She turned leaving me, Kadri and the guy I apparently went to school with.

"Ok, well...I guess I'll show you the house now." I said, accidentally looking at Kadri. He met my gaze firmly, a look in his eye that made goosebumps rise on my skin and my heart plummet. I cleared my throat and turned away, starting to head up the steps.

"Wait!" Someone shouted behind me and grabbed my wrist, spinning me back around. I gasped and blinked into the guy's eyes. The guy who I supposedly went to school with.

"You know who I am right?" He asked suddenly, making me swallow nervously at how close we were.

"Of course I do." I said, chuckling uncomfortably and avoiding eye contact. I jumped as suddenly Kadri moved forewords and grabbed the kids wrist, pulling him away from me. I turned my head towards him and blinked as he chuckled and bowed his head slightly.

"I'm sorry he's really...rude." Again, I chuckled awkwardly, and felt the sudden urge to run. I couldn't tell if I wanted to run away from him or run to him.

"It-it's fine." I said, as we climbed the steps. As we did I admired the wooden railing slightly sad. My parents were having some trouble and last night I overheard my mother say that she would take us to her house downtown if he didn't come home and talk to her. A part of me knew that I wouldn't be here forever. At least, not for another full year.  

"So, this is the bathroom." I said awkwardly, gesturing to the room in the middle of the other four rooms. I glanced down the hall to the right and then the left trying to figure out which rooms to show them. You have my mom's and father's room, which probably had dust on the shelves. Considering my mother hadn't been in there for days. My brothers room no doubt was just the opposite. He was smart, but he was a mess. He said that his disorganization was his organization because he was able to find everything so easily. My room was a little messy but not Brandon ( my brother ) level messy. It was also painted in a light gray color, which seemed strange for people when they saw it because I always dressed in pink and white.

"You ok?" Mr.Tuan asked me and I glanced at him, and felt myself jump inwardly at how close he was to me. "Are you feeling alright?" 

"Oh," I said, feeling my whole body warm. "Yeah, I'm fine thanks. I'm just...pretty sure all of these rooms other than the bathroom are messy."

At that he started to chuckle when the kid my age's laugh cut him off. Mostly, because his laugh was so much louder. Abruptly, mid-laugh he stopped laughing and looked at me dead on.

"You at least know my name right? Right?" He whined, and started to move closer to me, but was immeditately yanked back by Mr.Tuan.

"Y-yup..." I said, meeting his sad brown eyes.

"Then say it." He said, pulling away from Mr.Tuan who was looking slightly annoyed for whatever reason.  

"Say what?" I asked, trying desperately to stall. I clasped my hands together behind my back and licked my bottom lip. Almost immediately his right eyebrow shot up, and he bit the inside of his bottom lip, his mouth forming an almost disappointed, provoking smirk.

"Say my name, dumb-dumb." I chuckled again, and glanced at my feet before meeting his earnest gaze.

"Your name is..."

"We're in the same class." I scratched my neck awkwardly, and rolled back on my heels.

"Are we?"

"See, you're not popular with girls just because you're on the soccer team." Mr.Tuan said, looking at the kid with a smirk on his face that made my heart leap, twist, beat, and possibly explode.

"You're on the soccer..." My voice trailed off as I really thought about it. For some reason I kept remembering Angela talking about some playboy on the soccer team who was devilishly handsome, sexy, and cute all at the same time.

What was his name...?



"Oh!" I said and lifted my head meeting his gaze evenly. "You're um...Jako?" Immediately he grinned and grabbed my hands lifting them to his face.

"Yes! And you're Lila. I'm a little offended though since I've known you since-OW!" He screamed and turned to glare at Kadri who was looking pissed-now smug. Jako turned to Kadri and frowned. "You're supposed to be my hyung right? Why're you so mean?" ( hyung is older brother in Korean )

"I'm you uncle, Jako, and I get to mess with you whenever I want." Kadri said, licking his bottom lip and then brushing by Jako who pouted after him as Kadri headed down the steps. I watched him walk away, and for some reason the moment felt as if it would never end. Watching him walk away from me. Until Jako grabbed my hand again and grinned at me.

"Show me your room." Jako said, and I blinked into his brown eyes. It seemed as if sexy eyes ran through the family.

"Uh...sure." I said absentmindedly, not noticing the way Jako licked his bottom lip as he asked the question. Although, it sounded more like a demand than a question.

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Yay, I updated in two days time!! Whoop whoop!!! Hope you guys are liking the story so far!! I'll try to make it a little more dramatic in he next chapter which I'm excited to write. If you guys have any advice or anything you want to know whatever just comment ♡

xx pascale

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