interactive zombie story

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An interactive story

This is an interactive story! Let me explain how you’ll go about it…. I will put you in a certain predicament, and depending on what choices you make, the outcome will be different. Let me explain it clearer… (I’m not good at this..) at points in the story, I will allow you-the reader- multiple choices. Should you have picked one (eg: “A- Run in the opposite direction”) You will then scroll down to “A” (not ‘B’ or ‘C’). and so it goes on. Can you survive a zombie apocalypse?Enjoy!


A pale patient shuffles out the office door. No one notices his odd expression, no one. Except you. The odd patient moans, and does not seem capable of talking. You hesitate, but eventually walk over. Being a doctor, you decide to ask him if something is wrong. The patient is tall and pale. his eyes stare blurrily at nothing, Unblinking. His mouth is agape, revealing his crocked set of teeth. The patient seems disoriented and looks around the chaotic rush of nurses and doctors who are busily making their way to their appointed stations. You are now a few feet away from the patient. He has stopped moving. His short black hair an untidy mess. Just before you can take another step, he grabs one of the cleaning staff. To your horror he plunges his teeth into her neck and starts tearing her skin apart. She screams in terror, blood smeared her clothes and his face. Soon another figure shuffles out of the office. The doctor. His eyes, an alarming light pink, seemed to stare at into nothing. “Dr. Greg Hoffly” Read the nametag pinned to his shirt. It appeared the dreaded “cripple virus” had made it's way to London! People rush past you as you stand there staring. Frozen in fear as the poor woman is being eaten alive.  The hefty doctor looks at you, and begins shuffling towards you. His teeth barred. You..

A) See a pair of scissors lying behind the reception desk…

B) Run toward the lifts lining the door.

--- which will you choose… I wonder…. ---


( A )

You see a pair of scissors lying behind the reception desk and attempt to grab it.  As you run to the desk, the other ‘dreadful’ loses interest in it’s meal and heads for you. You grab the end of the scissors just in time to stab Dr. Hoffly in the eye. Nothing happened. (your supposed to stab it’s head genius..) still holding on to the end of the scissors, you yank it out and thrust it into his skull. Dr. Hoffly topples over. Dead for good. A small smile brakes on your face as you straighten your tie. Dr. Hoffly wasn’t your favourite associate, just one less rival for you. The tall patient begins running towards you. Not having enough time to grab the scissors deeply lodged into the doctor’s head, you run in the opposite direction, toward the flight of stairs. The tall patient is more nimble than the beefy doctor, and springs after you. It’s hands extend forward, frantically groping the air. Cold sweat trickles down your neck as you frantically sprint up the flights of steps. You reach the 2nd floor and turn..

(A – 2) right

(B – 2)  Left (you have a gun in your office)

--- hm… I’d pick the right if I were you.. ---


( B )

You jab the buttons hoping one of the lift’s doors will open up to you. The last lift at the far corner was closest to the floor you were at. You can hear Dr. Hoffly's heavy footsteps as you make your way to the last lift. A decorative fern is placed in a vase on the table beside you. You pick it up, feeling the urge to fling it. The lift is now on the 3rd floor (you are on the 1st ) Dr, Hoffly immerges. With his beefy hands extended toward you, moaning. His unholy eyes hungry, behind his fogged up glasses. You fling the vase at him. It knocks him over. The lift is on the 2nd floor. Dr. Hoffly gets up slowly. And begins clumsily stumbling towards you. At that very moment, the lift door slides open and you dart into it. You frantically jab the  "->|<-" Button… Just when you think it’s safe, Dr. Hoffman sticks his arm through the half closed lift, re-opening it. You kick his hand out and he stumbles over, His face expressionless. His mouth drooling. The door slams shut before he can stick his pestering hands in again. You decide to..

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